Could someone please help me get up to date?

I have been yoyoing since the start of '09 and for the first 2-3 years I was pretty active in the online yoyo community (although mostly on different forums). Due to real life getting a bit more hectic I started keeping up less and less with all the news and for the past 2 years I haven’t followed yoyo news at all, besides looking at some of the new releases by major brands and Worlds results. Especially now that yoyoskills is gone I have no idea what the current go-to yoyo news site is. I would really like to see some new yoyo videos (always loved to watch those)!

Also, while scanning through some of the different (european) forums I used to visit, I noticed that most of them became pretty inactive. Did the yoyo community die out a little in the past two years? Or did everything just shift to yoyoexpert?

Has anything drastically changed, were there any major dramas that I should know of, or some game-changing releases (that I maybe missed) that I should know of?

It would be really nice if someone could get me up to date a little, because I still like to yoyo and am really interested in the current state of the community and sport/hobby.


there have been other posts like this a lot recently so go look at them… has pretty much replaced yoyoskillls it seems

As for the european scene I can’t speak much of it and game changers would be the significant price change. Yoyofactory and YoyoOfficer have been producing top notch budget throws recently and have really been impressing us. Plastics are also getting some new releases with OneDrop and CLYWmaking their first plastic along with sOMEThING making the addiction.

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I don’t know about European forums, but YYE is very active. YYN died. Yoyoskills is on “indefinite hiatus,” and (run by Steve Brown, and others) has taken its place. SPYY and Hspin both went out of business

Some of the more popular recent yoyo releases are:
CLYW Bonfire (or anything CLYW)
OD rally
OD X CLYW Summit
YYF Shutter
General-yo Majesty and M10
OD Benchmarks

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A lot of forums users are moving over to the Facebook “forum” because it’s much easier and has close to 2000 members with many being active.

^^^ yup, most guys are on b/s/t/talk group but there are more than one and more drama to follow there lol

I still look around the forums but not as much.

Facebook is just easier, but the BST on YYE is still my fav place to bst. I use my 90+ feedback as an advantage when trading. Specially on FB because they don’t have a feedback system.

Umm what else… Yea everyone kind of covered it, not sure if you know that worlds will be in Prague this year and not in Orlando.

Lots of new companies out there, small ones popping up here and there.

Chris from caribou lodge is kinda handing some things off to chuck, I think. They still make some funny awesome videos.

N yea yoyonews has been pretty good at covering it, so go there.

Welcome back ;D

I literally thought the title said “Can someone help me get a date” lol.

Fixed axle yo-yos are kind of a thing ::slight_smile: