yoyo media?

is there any yoyo media…like tv shows,magazines,movies? anything?

Well, yoyoskills is a blogozine.

The on line forums and videos is what ya got… :wink:

the news section here on yye is pretty close to a magazine

The only things i could find Is Blazing Teens and Super yoyo. A power rangers type show i think it is in Japanese and an anime also in Japanese.

I like yoyo radio, look for them on facebook


I’m going to be old fashioned and say that that really doesn’t count as being different than other internet stuff, since it’s not really radio. It’s not a separate media type thing.

Seems mostly sales oriented to me, but that’s just my take. Not that I’m complaining, I buy from YYE quite a bit.

I find YoYoSklls to be, well, also more of a product review type site, but they do offer other “articles of yoyo interest” and other items from time to time as it presents itself.

This is a niche community and so it’s not going to have mountains of new information all the time. Best we can hope for is a company launching a new line or many models and it takes a while to review them, or companies choose to put out press releases that are republished.

While YYE is also one of my favorite yoyo sites, there are a few others I check out as well that have forums. I also regularly check out manufacturer’s sites but those can be hit or miss. Some forget to show their own product, some forget that they are making yoyos, while others do show their product but aren’t forthcoming with even their own current news that they’ve released to other locations.

You either have to dig or it’s either right in your face. That’s what I’ve noticed.

we also have an english section for our interviews at yoyo-france.net