Keeping up with the pros

How do you keep up with yoyo news? It’s not like you can just flip to a yoyo channel, or read about it in a magazine.

I like !

and :wink:

The internet is sooo much quicker and up to date. is the best way to keep up with all the yoyo related news. They feature videos, reviews, and product news.

I talk to them. Want to know whats going on with yohans company, call Deth. Need some One Drop news?, Call Da5id. Must have the latest Anti-Yo news, call Sonny. Gotta know what GeneralYo is doing RIGHT now?, call Ernie. How do you meet these folks?
Go to contests, introduce yourself, buy someone a beer,trade with them, in general get to know the guys, I will never forget meeting GlassEye or Captain Yo Or Brad Countryman or when I finely got to meet Taksashi, (that was rad) Or Bride, I never got to meet FeeFee or Steve or Chris, but it anit over yet!