Best source for all the yoyo news these days?


Hi everybody, since it’s the internet and things just come and go, and interest in the YYE forum seems to have cooled over time (and before that there was YYN), and now the action is fragmented between reddit and facebook and instagram (right?), where does one go for all the up to date yoyo news?

I’m posting this is because there used to be a time where contest results were more anticipated and promoted. It was easy to find the results via a forum or a blog or a contest website but now if I want to know what happened at a decent-sized contest like PNWR I have to find it myself on youtube since results aren’t posted quickly on the official contest site or on Yoyo News or on a forum.

I know that Yoyo News was supposed to be that blog but let’s face it that one guy keeping something like that consistently over the years is only gonna last for so long (bless their hearts, Chris Allen for Yoyo Skills before, and Steve Brown for Yoyo News). And something needs to be in it for them in order to make it worthwhile…so in the end if the news ends up being biased towards a store or manufacturer or whatever, it makes sense but the best situation would be a totally independent blog.

Does a consolidated source for contest news, yoyo releases, and new player videos just not exist anymore or what?


Off road yoyo does releases, yoyo news still is the best source for player vids and sadly the best source I can find for contest news and results is instagram


I have no doubt that Steve would be happy to hear from anyone who was interested enough to dedicate time to helping with yoyonews. It’s a one man show because he’s the only man willing to put in the effort.



The amount of effort he puts in to everything he does is first rate. I am always thankful for a new YoyoNews article.