yoyo mags?

are there any yoyo magazines?

not any more…now everyone make use of this crazy thing called the internet…

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No lol popdada

they should totally make one though. dont you think


i don’t think is that bad of an idea. i can see both sides, but I think it would be cool. also it could be an official place for yoyo manufacturers to post upcoming events. also you wouldn’t have to check every manufacturers site it would all be in one place.

I brought this up awhile ago. I would like to do one when I get the funds.

even an online mag. would be good kind like how they have online newspapers.

yea definitley…plus i dont always have internet…sooo:/

Then get more.



Yes, YoyoSkills is our fantastic yoyo blog-o-zine.

Yoyoing is a visual media, incredibly dependent on motion. When they can embed videos onto print, Harry Potter style, sure, sign me up. Until then, no, I’ll stick with YoyoSkills and my various feeds.

thats a very good point. but I’ve never heard of yoyoskills.com, guess ill just have to check it out ;D!

Dude, come on, you know you want a centerfold of Guy Wright!!!

I think it would be more beneficial to see if sites like yoyoskills.com is open to input and submissions from outside sources. But, since I haven’t contacted yoyoskills.com, I have no idea what their policy is. Rather than spread the information out all over the place, it’s better to try to consolidate the information into a smaller number of places.

I don’t feel there’s enough yoyo information on an ongoing basis to merit a whole lot of internet magazine sites or even blog-o-zine sites. Well, at least I don’t think there is without a lot of it being “repeat” or re-posted content. Think of companies like Reuters, who license some of their articles for publication in authorized newspapers, magazines and websites, as well as being on the Reuters website. A lot of this type of stuff would be done. Basically, a lot of RSS feed stuff.

PS: YoYoSkills was one of the first web sites I checked out in regards to learning yoyo. It’s not an ideal site for that for beginners looking for instructions, tutorials and other “how to” stuff, but it does have tons of other valid information that’s great no matter what your skill level is. I don’t find it interesting enough to visit more than once a week. I only say that as the updates appear to be done as-needed. That’s fine, it makes sense. It’s still a good site. I only find it worth visiting once a week in my opinion.


It’s a start.