keeping in the loop

Hey I was wondering, apparently there are no yoyo magazines, unless there is one I don’t know about. But are there any online magazine-like sites or anything to just broaden my knowledge owhat’s going on in the world of yoyo? I’m all by myself up here in a small town in Canada so yeah… haha forum helps lots but I don’t have the patience to go to all sorts of sites and things for each bit of info :stuck_out_tongue: any reccomendations are welcome unless they require me to dress in a moose costume and sing the theme song from happy days…

Facebook, yoyoskills, and the blog section of yoyoexpert

Yoyoskills is the the best online throwing magazine

There’s not enough global demand for a printed publication. Especially these days, thanks to the internet, publishing costs can be pushed to darn near nothing and readership can be through the roof at the same time.

As a result, there’s the good online places people have already mentioned. We have to understand this is a highly niche activity. While anyone can do this stuff, the vast majority decides this is not for them. As a result of not having to fight for sponsors and advertisers, this is truly the best way to handle the issue. It reaches a global audience with little costs. Win-win. Those publishing it are paying hosting and other trivial and small fees, while the rest of is get it for free, and in turn banner ads help off-set the small costs. and are the two central hubs for all yoyo news of the yoyo world.
Facebook of course continues to remain as the main source for many players yoyo news as well.

It really is a mix of all 3 that allow players to stay in the loop.

And of course, there are the forums such as here on YYE and a few others.

Browse around these resources, and you are sure to be kept in the know!


Thanks guys :slight_smile: