are there any yoyo magazines???

so, i wanted to know if there’s any yoyo magazines out there??? And if there are, how much it costs to get a subscription?

As far as I know there are NO Yoyo magazines.

I wouldn’t mind trying to start one up with some like minded individuals though. It would be a tough thing to do but it might be cool. I’m going to school for graphic design and I have a history with writing. (I was actually accepted into a journalism program but choose to go elsewhere).

Problem is funding and getting enough people to do it, also you gotta make money from doing it and it’s hard to make a magazine for such a small demograph.

i wasn’t planning on making one, i was just wondering
i wouldn’t know where to begin!!

Magazines are antiquated. I know that millions of people still buy and read them, but for such a niche market like yoyos, start an online mag. You 'd save lots on printing.

You could make it really simple, by just making it a link site that connects to yoyo related articles, blogs, yo related sites and what not.

You could expand it by going to tourneys and writing articles about them and new products and players.