Should I start an actual yoyo magazine?

I’m thinking to start my own yoyo magazine that I can send out to people and it has weekly news, coupon codes, gift cards, giveaways, etc.
Should I actually follow through with this?
If so, tell me why.
If not, explain.

The market is too small.
This is gonna cost you.
Stores are already handling their own promotions and discounts.

There’s also two sites I can think of that also negate your plans:


sniffy-Yo also does stuff too.

I would like this, especially if it’s an online thing.
I’d like to know of all coupon codes, gift cards, discounts, etc. that are released.
I think it’s a great idea.

I would Absolutely agree with Chris(Studio42). The guy is a mind reader; haha.

Also realize that since yoing is obviously on the/a up cycle, that if that was a workable idea/venture; somebody would already be doing it.

Like Chris said though; it’s gonna cost you.

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Putting out a weekly magazine is tough. Certainly not a one-man operation. And for a hobby as obscure as yoyoing, you’ll have a tough time finding enough ‘news’ to fill a magazine every week.

Like Chris already said, there’s already two well-known sites dedicated to updates in the yoyoing world.

A monthly rag would probably be better, but it’d still be a money sink.

i think you should do it. I think it would be a fun way to share yoyo news like competitions and such. ;D


You could do a monthly magazine. If you do a weekly that’d cost to much. I would definitely be interested if you did this though.

Maybe quarterly would be more cost efficient.

I completely agree with Studio with all that, but I would think it would be just the coolest thing ever to have a yoyo mag delivered to your door.

Do it for the fun and enjoyment of doing it if you’re inspired, but expect to lose money.

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i think you should, I would get a subscription.

No, because people want their information quickly. That’s why we have YoYoSkills, YoYoNews, etc. If a magazine was manufactured all the information would be old and outdated. Unless, you have something new to bring to the table, like factory tours and exclusive interviews, but you can only do so many of those. It would be expensive and as Studio said, it’s going to cost you.

I also would have an online part, too.
I think interviews and factory tours are good ideas…
Maybe it would cost me less if I did monthly on the magazine…
Just my thoughts.

There were three print yoyo magazines during the last major yoyo craze and even with millions and millions of yoyos being sold they all failed in under 6 issues.

@Steve Brown
Well, that may be true, but I guess I could pull it off with some ads on the website and magazine and some ads on the forum…
Thanks for that fact, that helps a lot.

Too old school, was my first thought, when more efficient ways of doing this are available on line.

You could do it for the fun of trying something.

The only way I could see this working…and I do actually think this might work…is for one of the established organizations (like YYE) to put out a healthy-sized quarterly.

A somewhat thick mag with excellent photos, interviews with major contest winners and yoyo makers, highlights of up and coming players or up and coming styles, and of course, promotion and review of new models. The cost of printing might even be totally negated if companies were willing to pay for a spread with their new “catalog”…which readers would probably also like to see anyway.

If this cost…maybe $20 a year, I’d probably subscribe. But I think it would definitely need to come from a place like YYE who already has a community in place. Grassroots would be tough given that magazines are a dying industry.

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If you have the time and resources, go for it.

Nike has the best tag ever, “Just do it.”

If it takes off, it takes off. If it doesn’t, well, hopefully it will have at least given you some experience and insight you can learn from. Even if it bombs after two issues, the experience of trying to put something like this together would be good to have.

While most people are cautioning you about the viability from a business perspective (and I agree), I would like to see it happen. I would like to see someone take this up as a hobby, not afraid to lose money, and do it with a passion, to come up with something great.

I am a creative person by nature myself, and realize that making money is not the only gratification you get out of a project. Making a profit is not the only consideration that makes things worthwhile. Sometimes, the fulfillment of the project (enough people enjoying your efforts as much as you do), is enough to keep it going. For some people, if they blow several thousand a year, on a hobby they love doing, it is no big deal.

Everyone is different I guess. I like to have a great source when I want the news quick online. But, I would also like to have a source for times when I want to sit down for a really good read, from a journalistic perspective. Looking at a computer screen gets old sometimes.

Also, take some screen shots of the thread. If you pull it off, and it is a success, you can make us all put our foot in our mouth. Make one great issue of the magazine, and show it around. If it is a masterpiece, you might get the right kind of interest, from a subscriber perspective and from an investor perspective. There are others out there who feel as I do.