Follow-up to "Should I start a yoyo magazine": Who would want a yoyo magazine?


Okay. So I think I got a lot of answers along the lines of “You would lose money” or “Too small a market”. I’m thinking if I have at least 100 subscribers, I might try to create the magazine. But to see if that’s possible, I need at least 100 votes for “yes” on the poll. That’s a lot, but it might happen…
Also, comment and say if you want it or not, and explain why.

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Have you considered starting out rather slowly? Maybe developing a format and ideas and trying them in a newsletter, paper and/or electronic. As your distribution grows or doesn’t you could develop or abandon your idea.

People will always be here to tell you why you shouldn’t try a magazine, why you shouldn’t do anything. People can be right, people can be wrong. The bottom line: not trying is worse than failing.
Follow your heart! :wink:


Thank you so much!
I will try that idea!


I think the opposite of “I want a yoyo magazing” would be “I’m not interested in a yoyo magazine”. I don’t know of anyone on here that would refuse a yoyo magazine. That being said, I love physical copies for some reason.

Don’t know if anyone read Shonen Jump, but it was a physical copy of comics that could be read for free online, and it was very good. There was something about it that made it more special than the scanlations online that made me buy it.

If you were to make a yoyo magazine, you would have to be on top of things and tell me information I don’t know already. That’s the big thing.


Ideally, yes.

But, practically, I think the kind of magazine it would need to be in order for me to be interested is beyond the reach of any one or a few people. This thing would need to have amazing photos from all over the world, interviews with top players and companies, spreads of companies’ new models with reviews…it would be need to be pretty awesome to justify my not just looking this stuff up online. That would be expensive and time consuming.



1: Magazines are cheap in price due to advertisers. Advertisers want to see subscription numbers. That will determine how much they are willing to spend. At least, this is how it works in the print world. Who is going to advertise? YoYo companies? Oh, then we gotta play the yoyo politics game. You want to expand it to other skill toys? Yes, but then you broaden the magazine’s subscriber base AND the stuff you cover. Is this bad? Maybe, but probably not. What else? Sports drinks, candy makers, apparel, music ads. You can advertise for things like silicone and other non-yoyo accessory items that seem to tie in. I personally don’t see an issue with spreading the focus to include other skill toys. My skill toy meet group is centered around the yoyo but ALL skill toys are welcome.

2: People want magazines cheap. Bookstore prices are a yank. $7-15 for a monthly periodical that’s at least 50% adverts? No thank you. Annual subscriptions can get you anywhere from a 50-80% price savings.

3: We’re still talking print? Well, it’s gonna be expensive. That’s why you need the advertisers and subscribers, to help off-set those costs. You want at least 5000 subscribers to make print to be economically feasible. And how are those getting to subscribers? 4th Class postage? Is there market to justify it going on a bookseller’s shelf? How many unsold magazines are you willing or able to absorb?

4: Turn-Around. Sorry, you’re gonna get hosed here. YoYoSkills can get information and publish darn near instantly, with his Facebook subscribers getting notification instantly. Then there’s YoYoNews, which is effectively doing the same thing. Need reviews? I can turn to those three sites, plus Sniffy-Yo, plus a few other yoyo forums.

Between the time a yoyo is announced, it can already be dropped for sale, sold out and a 2nd run on the way(or sold out) by the time you publish. For people like me who like good stuff, I want to secure it right away. By the time I wait for your magazine to come out, I’ve already missed out.

Thinking of going online? Get a domain. Costs. Hosting. Costs. Site design. Costs. Evaluatining what package might be a good solution? Time, but time=costs. While you can kill your costs to minimums, you’re talking about re-inventing the wheel. It’s almost like when Duncan changed their Imperials from wood to plastic. It’s already been done.

You’d think I’d be a good one to run a yoyo web magazine. I certainly generate enough content. However, I can’t be hassled with trying to keep up on this stuff. I can’t. I don’t have the time to just quit darn near everything and center my life around this stuff. Oh, if I could, I would, but is it worth the kind of money from the community I’d have to demand t do this? No, it isn’t.

I commend the work of those who do this stuff. At the very same time, those who are doing this are doing this very well.

So, honestly,I would be without any question of a doubt NOT interested in a print publication. I’m very pleased with the online magazines that exist as it is.