YoYo Magazine

Hey guys,
I was wondering, are there any real yoyo magazines out there? I know there are websites like yoyoskills and stuff like that, but is there a real magazine that can be delivered to you? If so could you mention it?

thanks :slight_smile:


There were a couple a few years back, but they went out of circulation. The magazine market is pretty tough to crack. Subscriptions don’t cover the cost. Publishers rely on advertising for support. The yoyo market is really a niche market that advertisers don’t flock to. The store and manufacturer advertising wouldn’t come close to covering the costs, much less allow for a profit.

It’s not cost effective as the market is too niche and advertisers are too few.

One can run a web site for anywhere from a few dollars to maybe $50/month and have a killer web site and update it as often as you need to and then offer advertising opportunities to off-set costs. Content increases as needed, updates as needed and visitors is unlimited. The costs to advertisers is very low because they aren’t buying physical ad space in a paper publication, which equates to ink and higher costs.

It’s a win-win in general. Sure, you don’t get things like photo-essays and you need to do a little more searching sometimes. I do find YoYoSkills to be one of the better places to get information. YYE is good too.

Closest you’ll get to a yoyo magazine these days are YYF catalogs.

If you travel back in time to the yoyo boom, then you’ll find tonloads of those. But now, as the other guys have said, nope. It’s just too expensive and impractical. I mean, the Internet is a free hub of information, so might as well take advantage of this.