hey whats up

yeah i’m alive, wow.

what’s new on the forums? yoyoing world? i only see what is posted on facebook which isn’t much

is yyn dead for real? there goes my feedback.

can’t believe it’s been four years since i’ve been in the community

kind regards,


Welcome back, I guess! Not much new really, other than a big rise in the number of smaller boutique yoyo companies.


Yes YYN is gone, but hey it is a good time to join the yoyo community again with all these awesome yoyos that are available nowadays. Anyways welcome back! :slight_smile:

Welcome back Liz! You haven’t been gone that long, have you??? Doesn’t seem like it. Regardless, I’m glad you’re alive and kickin’! I believe the maturity level has made leaps and bounds ahead of where the forums used to be but, then again, maybe everyone just got older… :smiley:

You have any throws left?

So you haven’t been yoyoing longer than i have lol

ahaha thanks

not quite. my vast collection is gone now. i have a super g (that i got from mr. fuentes! thanks) but that’s it