It's been awhile...

So I’ve been gone for a solid year now. Off playing children’s card games and gallivanting with the ladies. I kinda put all things yo-yo on the backburner. It would be appreciated if ya guys could give me an update on what’s I’ve missed out on.

Well, gentry won worlds…



Hey guys… I used to be active on this board, but life has gotten in the way and I haven’t posted for about 12 hours.

It seems so different coming back here and only recognizing about 98 percent of the current Forum names.

Does Markmont still Yoyo? Did Jensen ever figure out how to say ‘onion’? Is Steve Brown still with Duncan?
Did One Drop really quit making yoyos to concentrate on their ‘One Shot Paintball Cannon’?
Is it true that Takeshi is getting a 3rd arm implant; just to move along the New ‘1A/3A/5A’ Ultimate, Dynamic, Yoyo Hurricaine Style; so he can get a job with Sirkay De Olay?
How is the new Wet Sponge counterweight going over? Is it true the Doctors saw a Snare drum in Jack Rincas chest X-ray? Are Chinese yoyos still made in America? Can Hydroponics really teach you how to grow your own string, indoors?

Can Every single person currently on the Forum, please tell me everything that has happened on ‘Yoyo Earth’ since I’ve been gone; since I’m too Lazy to just review the Yoyo related Sites and find out stuff myself?

Can you Hook up a Brutha?

PS… Please drop everything you are doing, Now! And get back to me by 5pm Eastern time. Because I will be Leaving The Yoyo Scene again for an Amazing Adventure and won’t be back until this Sunday morning at the Earliest.
Thanks a ton.

PS2… Is it True that Termites ate All of Eds wooden yoyos?


nice to see you to and your answers are
Yes he just released a new Yoyo
Don’t know
No he’s not sponsored anymore
And I’m stopping here because the questions are getting ridiculous.

But what happened was
WYYC was in Prague gentry won.
Nationals winner was Zach Gormley. Jake Elliot is now a big name in 5a. Yoyofficer is now a new brand they make awesome budget yoyos. Eric Koloski is on YYF now. And also Alex hattori is now on Duncan it looks like.

It was sarcasm! These weren’t real questions! Through extreme sarcasm he’s saying how it’s annoying someone’s back every week now!

^^^^^^^LOL :)yeah, that was eextreme sarcasm! Yoyodoc is on here like every single day. He was basically saying all that cuz it’skinda iirritating how many of these threads pot up on here.