Ever take a long break from yo-yoing?

I started yo-yoing in the beginning of 2017 and dedicated myself to throwing every day; so 365 days! Since then though, I have seldom yo-yoed and need to get back on track. Can any of you relate?

It also seems that this site hasn’t been updated much since 2018-2019 in regards to new releases/re-stocks? Did companies quit making yo-yos?

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Yea, you must have been looking in the wrong place. There have been tons of new releases and new runs of old yoyos in the past 2 years, and most of my yoyo purchases have been here.


I yoyoed almost every day from 2009 to 2014. Once I entered high school I never threw at all. I started up again just over 4 years later in late 2018 and have been throwing at least a few times a week ever since. A lot changed when I came back, some for the better, some for not (imo). My mindset also changed after the break, and I have much much less drive to compete, but instead focus much more on relaxing, and having fun, treating it as a break from life instead of another grind.

On the note of not having any new releases, I don’t understand what you mean. some companies seem to be coming out with a new yoyo every month!


I can relate. I was throwing daily for a solid year, but burned out a bit (was putting way too much pressure on myself) and have had a hard time jumping back in these past few months.


I was an avid yoyoer from the late 90’s to ~2004, then I quit following the yoyo scene. I was happy playing fairly frequently with the yoyos I already had until 2018. I didn’t buy any new yoyos in that time. So a 14-15 year “break” in the sense that I was not engaged in the yoyo community. On the other hand, I never really stopped throwing yoyos, and have considered yoyos to be a hobby of mine for my entire adult life. I’m one of those people who needs to keep their hands busy, and yoyos are my favorite way of doing that.


I had a “break” from maybe the late eighties until 2018. I also had very little time for yoyo over this summer, due to the virus. I’m so happy to get back into it.


I got in it at 08 and was going to local meets etc until about 11 then took roughly 9 years off and got back into it when quarantine hit. I didn’t lose my job and I don’t hang out with friends I just happened to decide to get back into it as a meditative practice to get my eyes away from my computer screen (I work in front of a computer then make music in front of a computer screen daily) turning away from my computer station and listening to my own projects while yoyoing helps me analyze them in a different way.

I was never competitive but I went to comps. It was more a fun identifying characteristic for me in high school. Now I have a career and my main passion is music over yoyoing so it’s a great Great thing that I got back in. I feel I comprehend tricks better now as my mind has matured im now 28. But it’s not as high on my list as it was in high school.


I’ve taken several…the longest break was from 1999 - 2010. It was a time of being in high school/college, and having a job, venturing into other hobbies. There was also no good resources at the time (that I was aware of) especially in the late 90s to early 00’s. When I jumped back into it in 2010, I learned how much things changed…yoyo design, unresponsive play, YYE tutorials…I did take another short break between 2013-15 when I fell into a rut. I still threw here and there but didn’t push myself to learn anything. It took a stressful moment in life that made me pick up a yoyo and re explore where I left off (Dad was in the hospital after having congestive heart failure, had some other personal issues). I learned that even if I’m not learning anything new, the yoyo was a way to step away from reality and just take some “me time”. I’ve learned a lot especially in 2015-16 but then it waned. Today, still not learning much but since being “grounded” from my career for the time being, the yoyo is still a valuable device.


I was looking here:

I’ve never taken a break from yoyoing, ever. I will say though that I’ve never dedicated myself to playing everyday. If I had to make myself yoyo, I wouldn’t. If I were around other yoyoers things might be different.

I’ve yoyoed everyday, as far as I can remember, since I was five. I don’t play for any predetermined amount of time, I play focused and unfocused, I don’t force my yoyoing to be anything but what it is. Yoyoing isn’t my life, it just makes life better. It’s a boredom destroyer for me. I absolutely love the way yoyoing fits into my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way, though it would be nice to have a few friends to throw with on occasion.

My thought is that if you feel the need to take a break from yoyoing you really should. It will always be there when you’re ready again.


Those are old pages. Just go to YoYoExpert.com and hit the New Releases section or check out the “Releases and Restocks” section of this forum. I can assure you that companies haven’t stopped making throws lol. In fact, quite the opposite!



No I have never not thrown since I started way back when.