what brought you back

OK,well for those of you who have quit yoyoing and then come back to it what exactly brought you back

i quit for a mionth once and i just got soo bored. I would pck up a yoyo once a whle but it wasnt fun. So i staeteed to ave nothing to do and i realized just how fun yoyoing was and how stupid i was to quit for 3 weeks

Namely, a Pucnhline and a 54.

I took a break for 2 to 4 months, because I was stuck on some tricks, and I started to take the fun out of it. I am now starting to come back now, and just play for the fun of it, and try to learn some tricks along the way.

I was a VERY casual player for about 10 years, I was at a basketball tournament and saw a guy throwing a Metal Drifter and it made me want to get more serious about it.

A long time ago I used to yoyo a LOT with my old F.A.S.T. 201. I dropped it for a good couple of years before I found it again in my old backpack from 3rd grade. I played with that for a solid week before I got a Pocket Change to try this “unresponsive” deal.

Quit is kind of an extreme word to use so I’ll say ‘put aside.’ I stepped aside from yo-ing when I got in high school as skateboarding took over as well as some other more nerd-like activities (like Magic The Gathering and video games). Being in the high school environment, I always thought that people would really think of you as a nerd for throwing. But aside from those thoughts, a couple years ago my parents bought me an Imperial yo-yo for my birthday as a gag gift. After a couple throws, I felt the old vibes coming back to me. The following week I bought a Mosquito as they were $5. A little after that, I took a break as I couldn’t get the mosquito to do what I wanted (like long sleepers) and the pads tearing off. Fast forward to 2010, my niece comes home with a NED yoyo and I recently found my Saberwing Fireball from yesteryear. After showing a couple tricks and knowing Toys R Us had Freehands, I took a trip to TRU and bought a 2010 FH2 and got all the way back into it.

The factor keeping me away vanished (skool)… This year idc anymore so I throw when I want

i stop for a year, bt decided to retry it again for fun :smiley:

this forum was too much fun XD

I quit for about 2 years. Then my little sister was on Disney Channel. I saw a TSLOD episode of Grant Johnson yoyoing. Got my yoyo out, started doing some tricks. I forgot it was that fun. Googled yoyos, Found the forums, and hear I am.

I used to yoyo when I was a kid like 10 or so (I’m 20 now). That was during the last Yomega yoyo boom. I was pretty good but lost interest and eventually forgot about yoyos all together. Then during spring break of sophomore year (of college) I visited home and found my old Yomega Saber Raider. I stumbled upon this site trying to find a replacement bearing for that Yomega and was introduced to the realm of unresponsive yoyo-ing. After I could do all the ‘Intermediate’ tricks, I bought a DM and Dingo and haven’t looked back since.

It’s been almost exactly a year since I’ve rediscovered yoyos… and I still haven’t gotten a bearing for my Yomega.

Haha, wow, I have almost the exact same story, except replace 20 with 25. ;D

i stopped for like a month or two because i was stuck on kwijibo and it annoyed me then when i saw patrick condon yoyo in the library the first or second day that school started i pick up my dm and started to throw again

stopped in my mid 20s…picked it up again in my early 30s.

i saw this student yo yoin’ in the cafe at work, and was just amazed. he had a sportster, by dif-e-yo at the time - and only yo yoed front style. the first time i saw an eli hop, i knew i was comin’ back into the fold for good.

his name was caleb. i owe my love for all things yo yo to him.



my wife made fun of me for having yoyo trophy’s from i would say about 8 or 9 years ago she felt bad and ordered me a random yoyo. she knew nothing about yoyo’s but managed to get me a dark magic 2. i learned to bind then i was hooked again. now my main throw is a 888x.

I’ve been on and off since I was a kid. I’ve always enjoyed throwing and never got rid of any of my throws unless they broke. My last break was mostly because of time, between working 2 jobs and my kids, finding time for myself was hard. About 2 years ago now I was cleaning and found one of my old loopers (I only looped w/ a few string tricks up until now) and decided to get a throw more for string tricks. I did a search that day and came across this site first (and that’s why YYE is home for me). I was floored on how much yoyoing changed from when I was younger, but I would have to say what really hooked me back in was modding. I don’t remember what the first thread I saw was but I loved the fact that people were taking yoyo’s and changing them to play different, look different, ect.

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people everyone was like wheres the yoyo girlfreind told me i seemed depressed so i came back

i quit somewhere in 2004/2005 when the scene in hawaii pretty much died. thp was done, most of the thp guys were doing other things, no contests, no sponsor. the last of us throwers that did hang out did very little yoyoing. plus yuuki got so crazy good so fast, i felt really discouraged haha. i left for college in seattle and didn’t follow yoyoing at all.

i started again last year when we had a little thp reunion and saw guys like evan nagao and ryan lai still throwing and doing crazy things. i enetered the 2010 blc, did bad, but i was hooked again.

i think i did alright at pnwr this year even though i didn’t make the finals… but hopefully i can do more catching up.

the thing that surprised me the most is 5a… damn man had no idea how big it got and the tricks are insane.