No drive left...

So this isn’t necessarily about yoyos but about how it felt to me. In 2006 i started yo-yoing with a imperial i saw at wal-mart. I decided i wanted to get better so i got a mosquito. I had the drive to learn new stuff. As i got better i proceeded to get a Meteor as my first pro yoyo. I quickly learned how to bind and etc… My cousin did this with me he was using a Speeder. We both quit 6 months in, we lost the drive. I don’t quite remember why but we just did. Later in the year 2011 i found my old Meteor and started throwing again. I remembered all my old tricks and got that drive again. I got a Northstar. Ended up learning a bunch of new tricks. Got a DV888 then a Protostar. Made up a lot of my own tricks and combos and felt so great doing it. I knew i wasn’t great. I just felt amazing doing it. Towards the end of February i noticed i really got bored doing it. I love to do it i just don’t have that drive to do it. How do i get this drive back. Whilst being bored of it i have made 1 trick and not learned a single trick. I want the drive back. But how do i get it. It really bothers me.

This has happened to me about twice, usually for a month or so. I just wait it out, and eventually you will hopefully want to start back up again. Also, maybe if you tried new styles it would spike your interest in yoyoing once again.

That’s normal for a lot of people.

Right now I’m kinda wanting out of doing sound for a lot of the kind of gigs I’ve been getting recently. For example, I have no drive to want to roll to my gig tonight and load-in. I’m not even sure I’m going to get paid. But I won’t bore you with details. As far as BAC is concerned and an event earlier in May, I’m all for doing those so no worries there.

Ride it out. If it was meant to be, it will come back. If not, you’ll know.

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I’ve lost my drive. I don’t yoyo as much as I should anymore. In fact, I’ve recently started to sell off a lot of my collection. It’s just not as fun for me at the moment. I’m hoping this phase passes.

I’ve kind of lost my drive since my day is being filled with garbage and so I can only throw at night when I’m like a zombie. I try to set aside time when I can but since I don’t know when my phone is going to ring or I have to jump, my days are very erratic on top of the normal daily chaos.

Still, I keep my DM2 clipped to my side on a holder.

I lost my drive about 2-3 years ago and fancied coming back. A lot has changed so I am trying to catch up so that is keeping me going at the moment. I am going to go to a few meets then nationals after. I also am trying to learn 4a and that is very fun, try it if you haven’t. Another thing I am doing is making a few videos (whether or not I post them is a different matter since I am not happy with the quality).

A lot of people say that giving it a few days/weeks/months/years(?) helps quite a bit. Others say that it is just wall to get past.

That’s right. You’d rather set them on fire than use them. (:

I have down periods where I don’t throw as much, or go to a different style for a while, but have never had a time where I completely stopped.

I’ve had several ups and downs during my yoyoing hobby, pun not intended. Back when I started actually, I quickly got tired of the whole dribble thing my Ja-Ru yoyo could only do (string was tucked into the one of the halves and axle wedged between it). After I got my imperial, learned to sleep,walk the dog, and rock the baby, I think the hype died down…all until I got my brain yoyo for my birthday. I was on it for a few more weeks doing the same tricks and seeing how long of sleepers I could do…then it died down for quite a while, Also, my strings had broken on me therefore making them useless at the time. Suddenly, I put the pedal to the medal when someone took their cheap giveaway yoyo to school so next day I smuggled my Brain yoyo and did my 3 tricks. From there, I was back into it for quite a while.

7th grade…I put the yoyos down, Giga Pets take over. I still played with them here and there, and purchased a few. As I got closer to the 8th grade, I had the urge to get back into it again when I picked up a Raider at the toy store. From that point, I was noticing yoyos popping up more and more at Walmart and Target…you know, the 1999 boom.

High school comes around, and yoyoing wanes off pretty much for a long while…probably a good 4 years. 2004, FAST yoyos are the rage and I just happened to find my Raider and was back into it for probably a few weeks then died off for another 5 years or so. Fastforward to 2009 when my parents bought me an Imperial as a gag birthday gift. I did a couple throws and found myself getting back into it. That weekend, I picked up a Mosquito as I was suddenly in dire need of a bearing wing-shaped yoyo. Once I found my limitations with it at that moment, I took another break though wanting an even better yoyo when I had visited Toys R Us. A year later, I picked up a FH2010 and from this point, my yoyoing has probably stayed with me the longest.

Recently though (probably the past couple months), my motivation has been lackluster as I’ve been focusing on the unicycle. I think I may have found myself stuck in a rut as well, doing the same tricks/combos. Trying to find ways to get myself back into the groove, it wasn’t quite working…then suddenly, I’m back and have the motivation to learn some new stuff…especially with BAC coming up and all, I wouldn’t mind having some new tricks under my belt.

So yea, things will fluctuate. I think picking up multiple styles of play, and perhaps breaking out of the 5As (As Zammy posted the other day) will keep you on the edge of your seat.

That reminds me. I have a large collection of yoyos that I go through. If I get bored or need something different, grab a different yoyo and go for it. I find that in some cases, while monotony can be good, especially when preparing for a competition, I can’t do that. Of course, I don’t intend to compete either. Still, if i feel the drive going away, switch to another yoyo often helps a bit. I like to use full sized yoyos, so I’ll go with an undersized. I like V-shapes better, so I’ll go something H shaped or more narrow catch zone.

Then again, sometimes a break is what is needed to bring one back.

Forcing yourself to pursue something that you are losing interest in is going to cause you to develop bad experiences. It’s just yoyoing and the urge to throw comes and goes. It doesn’t need to be your purpose in life, a chore to suffer through, it should be fun. If you find your interest taking you somewhere else go with it. The yoyo is always there, it’s always easy to come back to. That’s one of the things that makes it special. You don’t have to dedicate your life or life style to it. It’s just there, waiting to make your life a little more enjoyable if you should feel the inclination to pick it up.

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i took a break from Jan … until about march … 3 months did it for me … off course I had my reasons but a break was needed … and I will probably go on another break again … but to be clear

actually I don’t call them breaks … I call it life … yo-yoing is a part of me … but it isn’t the only thing in my life … things happen and maybe if you are bored with it or you have no drive left… you need to spend some time elsewhere … work on something else in your life … and you will see that once your mind is preoccupied doing something else… you will start to miss yo-yoing … and once you start missing it … you will want to come back to it and make time again for it in your life… and BAM you are bak at it full swing…

it does help to have friends who throw … i don’t have any personal friends who throw but i have really tried to reach out HERE … and found locals throwers (now they are my friends)… not too far away… and actually having a meet this saturday!!!

another thing I want to sorta point out and i think it happened to me once … don’t get burnt out … meaning … don’t spend hours and hours on the forums … or … watching videos or tutorials … specially if its dragging and you are just bored with it … . according to what you said … it sounds like when you stopped and you came back to it … it helped so i think that is what you need… it won’t hurt trying
We are not going anywhere … :slight_smile:

… also … i really suggest you try B/S/T lol i know it sounds dumb … but its actually a lot of fun … you trade one of your throws that you don’t use for…something you don’t have … and it actually turns into lil projects ;D and also keeps you engaged and you get this excitement about packages coming etc, i mean if you had a new throw (not brand new but new to you because you have never used it) every week or two … i don’t think you will be bored… just another aspect of yo-yoing