getting back into the spin of things

So I haven’t played in some time, I got into yoyoing In middle school, and continued all through highschool, I joined the military after graduation. I’m still in, but I’m married now, and between deployment, and just being generally busy, I haven’t played in some time (about three years) I picked up my dv888 the other day cause some guys at work found out that I used to compete at the pnws, and they wanted to see, now I can’t put it down. I’m just interested to find out what’s going on I’m the community now a days, who are the big players, who holds the titles, what’s the newest technology on the market today. What happened to a lot of the stores and sites that used to be big? Anyways what’s up?

I did the same thing! I just got back into it a couple months ago. Welcome back.
I played way back before unresponsive was a thing so that was the biggest change for me.
Just stalk around here for a while and you’ll learn all kinds of stuff, I’m still not the most knowledgeable about all the competitions and everything.

PM me if you want to talk military stuff. I don’t talk about what I do much in the threads.

Hey nice to hear you come back to yoyoing. A quick spam of yoyo news:
Hiroyuki Suzuki quit YoYoJam and it currently the 1a World YoYo Contest
Many new yoyos have came out. (Weerd Hour Sentinel)
Yoyoing is still awesome
Nationals is coming up in October
I’ve been meaning to ask about a certain yoyo store/forum that I am having trouble getting to.
General yo is about to release the KLR (will be here at yoyo expert)
The Forum has been riding on an emotional roller coaster that seems to be settling out
The DVD World on a string has came out,
And many many many more things


I think that other forum/store is dead.

no pun intended right?

I hear ya man… I played in elementary school (mid to late 90’s) and then stopped until about 3 weeks ago. Back in my day if you had an X Brain you were cool, and if you had a bumblebee you were a god. lol. Once I learned about unresponsive yoyoing and modern string tricks, it totally changed the game for me.