What’s been going on?


I started throwing around 2009 until 2014, then quit completely up until a week ago. I have 60 days logged on here so I spent quite a bit of time around here lol. I’m just curious if anything major has happened with the community? I did notice that sadly it seems much more dead than it used to be :frowning:


Well, we’ve been in a couple of wars, elected a new pres, electric cars are becoming more popular, a few more yoyo forums have disappeared, other than that, not much… :wink:

Ohh, and photobucket disabled 3rd party hosting…


Bi-metal yoyos got super popular for a while, and fingerspin tricks were all the rage. Oh, and a slice of the community got super into fixed axle.


Actually we all quit too; after you left.

But most of us came back just 3 days before you did🤓

It wasn’t the same without you.


Well at least you know you didn’t miss anything important, me being gone and all :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember seeing fingerspin binds at almost every contest around the time I quit haha. I am surprised by all the fixed axle stuff I’m seeing, definitely not into it but I see the appeal.


I’m just here to say that I’m glad to see you back.


Thanks man good to see you’re still around!