Today I realized that I used to practically live on this forum.

I joined in November 2012 but really haven’t posted since late 2014-early 2015 when I stopped throwing for the most part yet I’m still at over 2.5 post per day :smiley:

Are you still throwing nowadays?

Dang! Nice!
He is having a quitting sale. Does that tell you anything :wink:

Not really, I’ll still pick up a throw here and there but no where near the probably 3-5 hours I used to yoyo everyday. I’m trying to get rid of all my throws right now but will always have the first metal I got lying around just in case I wanna throw a little.

then why did you disappear?
I do remember you, you were all over the forum.

I can totally relate. I got into throwing almost 20 years ago when the fad hit that one random year and everyone was buying Yomega Fireballs. I got back into it around 2012 and then got burn out again. It’s tough in a lot of ways. Right now I’m really into it but when you get on the forum everyday you realize just how small of a community this is. Not a lot of new posts everyday. I, myself have never even met another real thrower in person. And I get kind of depressed when I realize some of the yo-yos I wanted a couple years ago are retired now. Getting stuck on tricks, dating, jobs… life goes on and sometimes yo-yoing gets lost in the mix.

You’ve only spent 16 days, 8 hours and 32 minutes here ;D

I remember you! Did you ever get that yoyo made?

No, that was when starting your own small company was booming. I realized the market was just too flooded and didn’t want to take the risk at the time so I ended up not getting it done.

getting back into yoyoing?