yyf number ten


does anybody no what it is


Yeah I know what it is, are you ready…are you sure your ready…ok fine it’s…a… secret!!! haha got you didn’t I?

But siriously I have know idea what it is.


Are you talking about a yoyo or what?


Yeah, the 10th YYF New Release that will be released at midnight tonight.


Be patient. You will know what it is before Worlds is over.


Oh ok. Cool. I thought he might be talking about like the 10th yoyo ever made by YYF that’s ultra rare and was lost but recently found. Ha.

(Jesse) #7

I know what it is! Here’s a picture with the name and a picture of it. It’s his signature yo-yo.



Just a guess but im thinking it the genesis. Miggy’s new signature series.  Here is a link


Genesis is already out.

(JM) #10

All anyone knows is that it’s available for $40 at midnight tonight at worlds. That’s it. No one has pictues. No one has real information.


The hype monster has arrived! lol I kid. If its YYF then it will be ok.


so for those of us not attending worlds we dont get the chance to purchase one :-\ D’oh!

(JM) #13

We don’t know that yet either.


I think it is tyler sig
I forgot


i heard that his sig was not one of the 10

(TheBlackStar) #16

Tyler’s sig is not one of the ten. http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=1583
Look at the bottom.

(Mitch) #17

There is still a plastic YYF yet to be announced (Number 10). Tylers yo-yo is not one of the 10, as confirmed by Ben himself.
(All from the YYF Countdown Blog)

Thats from http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=1583

So its gonna be a plastic…

Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was like the PGM but had the grazy H-SHape of a G5 or Superstar?


King of like a K-Padded Velocity, but heavier would be nice.


Looks like something called the protostar


That yoyo looks sick.