Excited or what.

Super looking forward to the recess Intl.

Heres there recent video showing the joyride. https://youtu.be/D3oC1yxoBrc

Looks fun right?

Then here’s the IG link. http://i.instagram.com/recessintl/

Then the players they have in their team is i love the most.
My favorites.

Tyler Severance.
Ky Zizan.
And Ian Johnson.

They said they’ll be releasing 2 yoyos at the worlds and plastic after.

Edit they have new T-shirt design on their Instagram go check that out.

Ky Zizan quit Werrd?

ky quits werrd… i heard nehemiah left also poor werrd so many of their guys leaving…

Seems Werrd hasn’t produced much new and has been a bit on the down low. Perhaps players seek something a bit more active hence the leaving. I still love Werrd yoyos, still have a TFL from back in the day.^ ^

tyler left YYF? whatttt

Really all the 4 posts has been regarding who left whom. Lol.

Yes Tyler pat borg left yyf ky left werrd and ian Johnson left wherever he was.

I am looking forward to see what they put out for sure. Tyler knows what he’s doing after all his years of not only yoyoing but actually being in the business with YYF. With what’s already becoming a great team and tons of experience behind them, I’m excited to see where they go.

Yes, they definitely look interesting. Not only do they have a star team, but their bi-metal is looking pretty interesting as well.

Jensen left YYF ? When did this happen?

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PatBorg left a month or so ago from YYF I think.
Tyler left to start Recess recently.
Ky left probably recently.
Ian left YYJ I guess.
About Nehemiah, he joined YYF a few weeks ago if not a month ago if I’m not mistaken.

Lots of new stuff updates check out my or recess instagram for updated or sneak peak.

Nice H Shape

Still super pumped its said to be released in later august.

Released now.

130$ weekend.

50$ joyride.

look boring ah

It was probably about, I don’t know, 4-5 years ago?

Then what’s Interesting?

It’s about time to replace the batteries in your sarcasm detector

how about rings that accually weigh something?

It’s not always about PUTTING ALL THE WEIGHT at the rims. It’s about balancing the yoyo, giving enough stability while also retaining an amount of manoeuvrability. And float, if that’s what you’re going for.

I believe Tyler Severance has alot more experience with making and designing yoyos than you do. Please feel free to let me know if that’s not the case. Do you think he would make a yoyo, realize it’s not what he wanted and then go “meh” and sell it anyway? He’s a former world champion. He knows if a yoyo plays good or not.

I’m sorry if this yoyo doesn’t fulfill your needs for a yoyo suited more or less only to horizontal play of fingerspins, as seems to be the trend in the countries in Asia surrounding Japan. But why do have to be so negative? Here, on my thread and really mostly what i’ve seen from you lately have been whining and talking yoyos you obviously dont like down to the ground. What’s the point?