Any releases coming up to get excited about?

I’m so bored with the yoyo releases lately. Everything is so derivative. I realize there’s only so much one can do with basic yoyo design, but still, i feel like the last couple years were way more interesting. No new titaniums on the horizon, still barely any bi-metals from prominent manufacturers, no D-bearings, YYR hasn’t released anything new in well over a year, the Advance Scout is a snoozer, Markmont.Classic is just ok but obviously not groundbreaking, sOMEThING Slasher looks ok but plays similar to the Anglam from what i hear, new manufacturers are doing solid work but nothing that gets me excited. I miss the days when i would actually wait eagerly for a release and snatch it up as soon as it dropped. Please someone do something different, i don’t care how much it costs.

I want a Pacquiao 2. Maybe this time with the same nutty light weight and SS rims. :wink:

I’m always hopeful for a new Anti-Yo release ;D

Would love an AntiYo Küntosh

just a hint… watch tenyoyo this year from what ive been able to pick up, they are going to release some pretty cool stuff.

its always easy to become jaded if you focus on the new hottest thing…

Nathan, wondered where you had gone mate. :slight_smile:

Yoyofactory have a bi-metal CZM8 coming out. It’s only 55g at the moment without the weight rings so it’s looking like it might be on the lighter side based off what they’ve said on their I asked them if I could buy a raw 55g ring-less one and Ben mentioned that they had already gone to the anodisers. If you get in contact with them and ask nicely you might be able to pick one up before they bi-metal it… as we all know how much you love your light yo-yos. :wink:

Yoyofactory mentioned that they have a couple of bi-metals in the works at the moment actually.

Seems that Onedrop have a bi-metal in the works as well but there’s been no indication that it’ll be out any time soon. The Onedrop x General Yo collab is still in progress as well from what I’m aware of, though at this point it’s hard to know whether it is indeed the bi-metal in question or a separate project.

I’m inclined to agree with Yoyorecreation to an extent, I miss their old stuff like the Mr Butcher and Fragment, I’d love to see them come out with some new stuff, as amazing as the Draupnir is…

Tell you what though, the Tropic Spins Shipwreck is pretty interesting:

Though it’s on the heavier side (around 70g I believe) so I’m not sure if it’ll really be your thing.

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Do you play offstring?


Thats the tropic spins shipwreck actually. As far as exciting releases Yetis are releasing againsoon

Hmmm…CLYW just posted on IG within the last 24 hours that they don’t know when more will be made. :-\

There will be some, this month actually!

Yea thats what I thought

I really want to give the new MYY bi-metal a throw
And I’m pretty new to Offstring but The new VoSun 4A throw looks super nice.

KYS Rapid Lite

which one is that??

YYR Sputnik was just released

There are two new throws.
The M001 which has side caps
And the M001 -b that is bi metal. They have it on their site. Havnt seen it for sell anywhere In the us yet

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Looking forward to getting the 54.5 gram CZM8 without the rings added. Yoyo Studio Llama bringing Macchiato outside of Japan could be awesome too.

I’ve been fairly bored by yoyo releases as well but I think part of it is that I have gotten very picky with my retail purchases and only go after things that look like they will be home runs for me, and wait to pick up anything else on the BST. The only 2 yoyos I have been super hyped to buy (and actually bought) in the past many months were Schneider MK-II and Sputnik. I was tricked into jumping on the Markmont. Classic and Caesar hype trains but I wisely got off before my PayPal account jumped on the train as well. I’m sure they’re both great but I’m just as sure that I don’t need either in my life. Specs and appearance of Scout and Orca bore me to tears and I don’t really feel like shelling out $150ish for a single metal retail yoyo again ever.

I have faith that YYF or OD may be able to push the envelope and develop something truly special, so looking forward to seeing what they bring in the coming months.

Yoyo studio llama… Me and my friend were pitching idea about a brand called llamayo,guess it’s going to be alpagayo

The ART Shout…

Fidalgo, fixed axle metal… Should be interesting