New Breed and other updates

Don’t you guys think Andre should update the site more often? The New Breed is already out at like A2Z and he could get a picture and write a description. Although, they would have 0 in stock.

He does update the site. He will put up the New Breed when it is released. I see no reason to do it beforehand.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The New Breed is already out!!! Its at A2Z! Where Andre works!!!

I meant when it is released here. It doesn’t matter if it is anywhere else.

Yeah it does. Not to argue or take it the wrong way, but… players in MA get to have the New Breed for like $45 instead of buying it online and paying s&h.

And how does that have to do with adding it to the YYE store?

Adding it to the YYE store would just be a tease untill they got them instock…

lol It hasn’t been officially released yet, has it?

Nope, Eric lives in MA and goes there so…

They might just be prototypes or pre-releases but the have not been “Released”

The official release is coming soon…