Review on New Breed

Heres my review on the New Breed:

First Impressions: Good looks, heavy, nice price, unusual name (in a good way) At A2Z for yoyo class, Eric walked in with the New Breed. I said," Nice DM." He laughed. He said," This is my new yoyo, the New Breed. I should of named it the Fat Magic or the Obese yoyo. (because it was so big and heavy)

This yoyo was designed by Eric Koloski. He has won one competition with it. 1st place in Z-Games.

Looks: 8.5/10 Good looks, but it could have a little more designs on it.

Play: 9/10 Great play and heavy. Well balenced and a little hard to get a strong sleeper. VERY unresponsive.

Sleep Times: 10/10 Heavy weight rims which is perfect for sleeping.

Feel: 9.5/10 A little big in the hands, but good feel. (Great if you have monsterous hands!)

Price: 10/10 Very good price for that amount of play. Around $45.

Overall: 9.9/10 Could be a little lighter and have more designs. Great yoyo!

nice review,better than mine!

Thanks! Thats my first review in my whole life. Not kidding.

You did a good job for a first review :wink: However, more detail would’ve helped. Take a look at this post in order to learn how to write better reviews :wink:

Haha fat magic… I don’t think its heavy weight rings though, i think the celcon is what gives its weight. The celcon probably takes up 3/4 of its weight ;D Anyway, its good for a first review, but more detail would be nice ;D

Ah… oops! Compared to that, now I see that my review is like skin and bones.