New Breed - YoYoSkills Review

Somewhere a mad scientist is crying with joy. The Frankenstien creation that defied popular design is out, and is undeniably one of the most interesting throws currently available. A new design, a new hybrid, a new look on full sized yo-yos that says, “Fat yoyos need loving too”. The New Breed takes the much loved celcon body material of the Lyn Fury and Lecacy, and injects the rabid fan demanding metal rims of a Dark Magic. Could the New Breed designed by National Champion Eric Koloski be the sleeper hit of the 2009/10 season? I had to try it, and it delivered. The New Breed by YoYoJam.
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Man, I so want one.

Great review.

Makes me want one even more.

Yay! I get a high-five!


I’ll be getting one of these after my CUT. Now to get the required money for that CUT.

Great review, I’ve had mine for about a month, and reading your review was able to instill new wonder in me. My only complaint is its not very forgiving on a triple or nothing. Between it’s width, and my short fingers, it really makes me work to land it. lol

Great review! as usual. I have had mine for about a month too and it is up there with my all metals easily.

nice review.
but one thing about my New Breed that I could not ignore was the seeminly unavoideable tilt that came from some of my over-arm stuff and some regular tricks relatively easily, this makes it not as good for 3A as some yo-yo’s that I have played.

Great review! Picture is awesome! Keep up the good work!

Wow man great review. Im really considering one, but this yoyo is huge! Im used to the Hitman and X-Convict size. ;D . But like I said, Im still considering.

Great Review! They seem awesome!