My Theory about the YYJ Theory (A YYJ Theory Review)

YYJ Theory Review

By: Mctron of Beyond 42 Strings

After contemplating over my theory for awhile I sit down to write up a review on the theory.
First off, what is the Theory? Good thing that you asked. It is a mid range yoyo with these Specs:

YYJ Theory Stats:
55.90 mm / 2.20 inches
40.35 mm / 1.58 inches
Gap Width:
4.5 mm / 0.17 inches
68.9 grams
Bearing Size:
YoYoJam Speed Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
YoYoJam Silicone Response
also compatible with CBC “Slim Pad” Size 19mm OD

Pretty good for $62 bucks right! Plus this throw is awesome looking in my opinion. On a first throw my theory turned out to be amazingly smooth. The bearing did not take well to Onedrop of V4M. I quieted it down but it killed the spin time. I also noticed that in line with yoyo’s like the PSG it has a monster gap, which is really just normal sized for this kind of throw but the shape really draws attention to it. It is so big you can almost touch the bearing. The other thing that I noticed was the shape. Which is like a PSG, but instead of being convex like the PSG the taper is concave. The rim portion of the body is thin and rounded. The size is close to that of a PSG. The yoyo also have Schmoove Rings cut, which make this yoyo stellar for grinds. You guys really want to hear what I think about this yoyo’s one unique inclusion, well not yet. This yoyo when I played with it had a very slow free flowing play style. On horizontals it held them well, Even though all I can do horizontally is the trapeze and banana turnovers. Regen’s which I just learned are great thanks to the extremely tight binds. For matador play which I can’t do it seems good I can grab it and have it so it spins on my finger, This is thanks to the celcon caps which are very similar to YYJ own Lateral Caps. These make caps actually useful and you can do Matador tricks. My theory is that the theory is a great throw for the price.


Do the caps have bearings?
No, they are just slippery.

How does it hold it to dings?
I dinged in once flattening a millimeter span of one of the grooves. It is using a softer coating than a Gnarwhal. So it does dent easier.

What was that about not using lube?
I don’t recommend running yoyo’s dry but this yoyo after a fresh cleaning since the yoyo was quite loud on arrival I put one drop of V4M on one side and it killed the spin time and the playability of the yoyo. My DM 2’s bearing did not do this when lubed.

Why do you use rating system?

I used to review video games where that is the way you close a review. I like it so I do it, but it is more a summation of my view point and critique of the yoyo rather than an end all be all rating system.


Looks: 8/10

Normal 1a play: 8/10

Grinds: 9/10

Horizontals: 7/10

Matador: 7.5/10 Not as easy as grabbing spikes

X factor: 9/10 Fun Chill Yoyo

Total: 48.5/60

Nice review!

Great Review!

The bearing almost died but a deshielding and cleaning and then some v4m fixed thay