YYJ Theory - Nivo's review

Ok guys… when I saw this video :


I was like … yeah I am getting that … $62 … why not?

I just got mine and I dont think I have throwed a $62 yoyo that played this well.

first thing I noticed is the Yellow caps … but they actually looks green at certain angles … My friend actually thought they were two different colors ;D

second thing I noticed was the groves which makes this very unique. The groves feel really smooth to the touch… awesome for palm grinds!!!

On to the first throw … this thing feels really solid and smooth!! I thought maybe it would feel a lil heavy because of the 68.9g weight but nope this thing moves as fast as you want it to. I typically like lighter throws but this thing does not play heavy at all… it moves around effortlessly as you would expect a more floatier throw but its like in the middle… It comes with the YYJ speed bearing which is great and I just LOVE the feel of the V shape…

I recently learned to throw horizontals… granted all I can really do is a variation of banana turnover but I have no issues doing that with this guy the first time I threw it.

The response is not bad either… although I will probably silicone it since that is what I always do… it binds well and does not slip.

I have to say … overall … I am really impressed… not just because of the price but the quality you get for it…

oh forgot to mention the finger grind thing that Ben Conde does in the video … yea I tried it and I was able to land it on my finger but I was not able to bind it … lol hahahaha but I will get it.

I know there are so many new guys on here asking what to buy with a budget … well… after using this … the only thing I will recommend is the YYJ Theory for $62!!!

So spread the love … YYJ Theory … best bang for your buck for $62 IMO.

Here is a pic of mine with some brand new pink candy wires


Yeah, I love mine. It’s great for the price.

Man that thing looks sweet. And the plastic rims look nicely rounded off too. How is the transition between the metal and plastic?

you wont even notice the transition … you cant really feel the caps …like its totally flush against the metal.

I’ll help you out with the finger spin grind and bind at the next meet for a fee a candy wire string lol

Tempting … I rather keep my candy wires lol