YYJ Theory


Hello fellow throwers! I am new to the forums and I’m looking for a little information. I recently put in an order for a YYJ Theory, now I didn’t read a lot of reviews because I couldn’t find many! I did kind of get it blind. This will be my first metal and I’m getting into unresponsive. Can anybody tell me if they have had an experience with it? Is it worth the price tag of $65? Tell me as much as you can about this yoyo!

Thanks so much in advance!

P.s. I ordered a kendama as well, I can’t wait! :slight_smile: good day all


I hear it is worth more than its priced at. You will not be disappointed. I know nothing about Kendal’s btw.


I played iyoyo98’s at BAC. Yeah, definitely worth the $65 being asked for it.

It’s a good yoyo. I’m also a big fan of YYJ, so I am biased. After playing this, I’ve bumped it up a bit on my wants list. I don’t usually make a YYJ purchase quite as urgent as other brands since once they release, they tend to be available for quite some time. This is one I will be picking up soon.

I would suggest though learning unresponsive play on a plastic just because you know how things can go. But hey, you’ve already ordered it so you might as well embrace your decision and go for it!

I’m trying to determine what I want if there’s a sale for National YoYo Day. Maybe this makes it.


It’s a wonderful and very fun yoyo. Good choice. Well worth its cost. Nothing bad to say about mine. I love it.


I enjoy mine!


Thanks a bunch all! Just curious, when is national yoyo day?


June 6th! And by the way, the theory is great because it’s full sized and can get you into hub-stack play.


How does the Theory get you into hubstack play? The caps don’t move. Gyro play, sure.


What do you mean the caps don’t move?


What I mean is:


They are fixed in place. I don’t even need to watch the video. The caps are just slick.

I played on at BAC, and sure enough, the caps did not move.


Well you can still pull start it.


I would assume it could fit synergy stacks too?


No. Synergy stacks didn’t even go into production. You can only get them off of the Auldey Photon Spirit.


No, I can’t, but that’s a matter of I don’t have the skills. Yes, I could see these being pull started.

You could also pull start using Spike side effects and yoyos with a center spike in the rim too.

No, because the caps don’t move and aren’t intended to come off. They are basically permanent Lateral caps, but are the caps of the yoyo instead of being the different accessory item.



The caps may not move, but they are super fun and addictive. What you do to get good at them is you grow out your non throwhand thumb and middle fingernail. It make things super easy. The nails slide on the caps, not your fingers. Now pull start? Totally! Finger spins? Endless. Now don’t think using the caps will be easy, it takes practice. Still, it’s fun to mess with. This is my current go to yoyo. It is a bit louder than your average metal, but quieter than a plastic, so you should be fine. Grinds are amazing too, thanks to the ridges. It can play fast, or slow. I think it is worth well over the 60-some dollars they ask.