is the severe yoyo good?

First, srry if I spelled ot wrong… But anyway, is the severe yoyo good? I hear it’s good and might get one. Do I need to know anything about it? Like I need to buy pads cuz they wear out quick or something. So ya thx!

It is a fantastic throw. The stock pads are yoyofactory’s new ‘competition’ pads which means they break in and get to the sweet spot quicker but also wear out quicker. You can replace them with the regular white pads (large slim size) or whatever large slim pads you’d like.


I assume you are referring to the YYF Severe, the derlin (high quality plastic) yoyo. In that case, yes, it is very good. In fact, it is in my opinion the best plastic yoyo available. It plays up there with the best metals and is overall one of my favorite yoyos ever. So yes, it’s super good.

Not much to know about it, but to adress your concerns: the pads don’t wear out super quickly, maybe a month of good solid play will wear them down a little, but this is the case with every yoyo and you might want to get a pair with it. I would also advise you to pick up bulk string with it as well as if you play alot, you’ll fly through strings.

Get the Severe, it’s up there with the best of them!

Do u guys prefer the sever over the c3 halo?

Those two you mentioned are some of the best Delrins for the price. Get them both.

Im thinking about getting a new throw. I had the c3 halo and severe yoyos in mind… Which do you guys think is the best? I want long sleep times, also want it to be good at learning new tricks, and not much vibe. Thanks guys!

I have both, I love both! Please take all that I say with this in mind: Tyler Severance is one of my favorite yoyoer s, and I love all of his yoyos that I have tried to death. The Severe is the better of the two in my opinion. Here are the pros and cons of each:
Great grinds
As close to dead smooth as it gets for a plastic
Very good size, not too big or small
Shape is versatile, can do horizontal,hops, tech, whatever.
Universal response system (easy replacement, many options)
Tight bearing seat
Stock pads are just meh
A little light and hollow for some (I like light yoyos LOL)
Smooth for a plastic
Tight response
Comfortable shape (butterfly shape can be a pro or con)
Floaty, effortless play… Fast though
Less Stable than I would like
Less smooth than severe
Shorter spins than severe (spins plenty long though)
Not a versatile shape.

Well, I like the severe better, but that is just me. For ten bucks cheaper, it is better. However, I will say it again, the severe’s shape was MADE for me. I just love it. If you like a more classic, oversize shape, then the Halo might be a bit better for you.

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