Rally vs. Severe

I want both of these but I would like to know which is better. Whichever is better, I will most likely get first.
Take into consideration that I prefer full-sized yoyos.

So, which one?

Which one are you good enough to handle??

Can you explain what you are asking?

I believe he is asking about skill level

Well, I believe I can handle both then.

It was a facetious answer to your question as neither is “better”. Some people will like the Rally better, and others the Severe. Still others may like neither.

I really like the Severe. I found the rally kinda bland.

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I have thrown a semi-vibey Severe that my friend owns. I really enjoyed it. I have never thrown a Rally though.

I own a Severe, I like it better than my other delrin and plastic yoyos. In fact before I put a CT bearing in my supernova, my Severe blew everything else out of the water.

I have thrown a Rally, I actually have 2 at this point lol, I think the rally feels and looks much more solid than the Severe

I own a Severe (super nova package). It is mainly my take every where. It’s light when it needs to be, but pretty good for slacks and grinds. It’s wider and smaller than most plastics. The rally’s 58mm and the severe
Is 56. I played the rally at a yoyo club and like nardcopter, it was bland.

Feel free to post not impressed faces

I’ve had a severe and thrown a rally.
Rally- very smooth, nice weight, all grinds were possible.
Severe- pretty smooth, felt a little light, all grinds were possible except for thumb grinds/fingerspins.

Personally, I own a severe and I really enjoy using it for counterweight.
I’ve only tried a rally twice, so I’m not sure if I know which is better in my opinion

Rally seems to tower over Severe but it sounds like, from all you guys, that the Severe is better. ??? ??? ???

I only own a rally but it is a very good plastic yoyo. good at grinds, feels nice and solid to me and It is overall just great

I own a rally. It’s my favorite plastic and is in my top 5 favorite throws over my supernova. It plays great, grinds great, and feels great.

It’s seems as though it should come down to your preferences now. If you want a light fun yoyo go with the severe. If a more solid feel is your thing try a rally.

I have made my decision. You may be surprised, but, based on this forum, I am going to choose the Severe. I have my reasons.

Normally, I think the Rally would be more appealing because it is heftier and has more votes on my poll. But, when you all submitted your votes, all of those who said Severe, gave a very good explanation of the reason why I may like it too:

for example.

Now, those of you who said they liked the Rally, did not really give an explanation of why, or mentioned they had never thrown a Severe. (I am, right now, excluding all votes of those of you who said they had thrown one, but not the other.)

for example.

I am taking in all the information, and it feels to me, that the Severe has less votes, but is a better throw. ??? It has been likes this the hole time.

Also, the weird thing is, I am not 100% worried about my preferences right now, I am worried about which one plays better in General. So, it sounds like the Rally and Severe are about the same, but the Rally has towered over the Severe in the poll.

Now, I have, myself, thrown a Severe, but never a Rally. I loved the Severe (even though it was semi-vibey). So, before I go buy a Severe, I would like you all to give me one more answer: What are the similarities an differences between the two as far as play (not size) goes?

Well since the rally has weight rings it’s more stable that the severe but the severe is faster because its lighter and doesn’t have as much rim weight. Both have a decent grind surface.

Personally I would choose the severe but the rally I’m sure u will love too but the rally can also have vibe. Mine did when I had it so I sold it.

I’ve owned both throws myself

The rally definitely feels better on the string to me since the severe had somewhat of a hollow feel. Thinking back the caps may have been part of the problem but I never tried to deal with them. The rally however was also a very boring throw but smoother than my severe. Unfortunately I try to keep the total amount of plastics I own under 12 so I’ve since gotten rid of both since neither fit my preferences and can’t give an updated review of what was wrong with each. I just remember that the rally left more of an impact than the severe.