Rally, Shutter, or Severe.

I’m only putting these together because they’re in that 45$ price range. I was wondering which I should get. I am leaning more towards the rally.

The rally is great get the clear one IMO plays better than the 1st run green ones but if your looking for a throw that is metal and can take you a long way and that play pretty much anyway you want it I would personally pick the shutter.
About the severe I have never used one but have only heard good things

You cant go wrong with any of those. They are all fantastic and amazing.

It comes down to personal preference. If you want an all metal yoyo, then go with the shutter. The shutter will play just like a metal yoyo would

The Servere is made of delrin plastic so it will have a more solid feel because of how its made.

If you want a plastic and metal hybrid, then go with the rally. Although Ive heard that the rally plays like a metal. And I do agee with the above statement that the clear rallys play better than the others. And hey, the clear is the coolest colorway the rally has come in so why wouldnt you get clear?

If I was to rank which to buy in order for you, just based off my opinion, it would be Shutter, Rally, then Severe. Mostly because I like full metals. Especially if its the same price. and If i were to buy a platic yoyo with metal weight rings, I would get a ProtoStar anyway.

Dang. Tough choice.

I would probably go with the rally, just because its the largest of the three. However, you can’t go wrong. All of those are great yoyos at even greater prices.

I would go with Shutter, its a sweet deal for an all metal throw