Please help! rally vs shutter

I have no idea which to get, I’ve heard that they are both good. I’ve been looking more at the rally, but please help me decide!!!

Bottom line, the Rally is plastic, the Shutter is metal. The Shutter will give you better performance. But both are awesome.

Erm the rally plays just as well as most high end metals if not better.

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I’ve got the shutter and I love it. It plays great and sleeps for a really long time.

I was going to ask the exact same question.

I have both and I would much prefer to play with my rally. It out performs the shutter IMO. Just has a better feel. I would play with my rally over about half of the metals that I have. Which are mostly about twice the cost of the rally, some more and some less or equal to the cost of course. But just overall play, the rally wins hands down for me.

I think the shutter is better. It spins every long and all that… Its really good, I didn’t like the rally as much as I thought…

High end plastic vs low end metal.

So which will win?

Good question. Same price, same quality, same general awesome…

My vote is for low end metal.

Its all preference. I personally prefer my Rally over 90% of my high-end metals. I don’t know why, it just works for me in every way possible. Not saying its “technically better”, but for me the Rally is one of the best purchases I ever made, I absolutely love it.


It’s not THAT low end. I love my shutter, it’s great for lip grinds and horizontal play, but it doesn’t grind exceptionally well. I got mine in solid violet, and it just looks AMAZING! It’s dead smooth, and really really quiet.

Yeah this is true. It’s a great yoyo for the price. I think he was referring to the low price for a metal. $45 is relatively inexpensive compared to $100 counter parts.

you dont know what your saying, its not a “low end” metal.

Well it certainly isn’t highend.

Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean it’s low end. I would pick it over mannnnny yoyos.

It certainly isn’t high priced, but it certainly plays high end.

I look at price as a measure for establishing commerce and trade, NOT quality of the yoyo.

Maybe I am too easy to please at times, but the Shutter is a really great yoyo.

Play == quality. It might play well but that doesn’t mean it was made to the standards of more expensive yoyos.