OD Rally vs. sOMETHING Crazy D

Hey guys. I’ve decided to buy a non metal throw. I was debating between getting a clear rally or a teal crazy D and I’ve heard great things about both. I like mid-oversized yoyos and fast/technical tricks so I was wondering which one would better suit my preferences.

Opinions on both would be great.

They are both very very similar in my opinion. I have both, the rally from the initial release and the crazy d I got just last week. But you’re not going to be disappointed with either one. I really can’t make a recommendation. The D is made by sOMETHING, so you know it’s gonna be smooth and it has caps :wink: delrin is a bit better at grinding. But on the other hand, OD makes some super smooth throws also, and the blasting on the rally does give you the ability to hold a grind fairly well. I picked up the crazy d because I liked the shape and I wanted to try a sOMETHING. I am very pleased with it and I am searching for another one of their throws now because of it.

I have a Rally and I love it! The Rally is on the faster side so that should suit your preferences. I personally think this is the plastic to beat right out, I even prefer it over a delrin severe. Its fast, its stable, its durable, just straight out awesome! And the catch zone is marbelized so you can do some pretty long grinds. Theres a little gap between the yoyo and the weight ring which works like an IGR and makes thumb grinds easy. It can also handle fingerspins if you’re into that stuff. This is easily the smoothest plastic Ive ever played as well… I literally cant feel any vibe whatsoever on the string or even on grinds. Its smoothness compares to any other one drop, general yo, or even oxygene. It plays like a metal, I really do think this is the plastic to beat right now.

I have not tried the Crazy D though so I cant comment on it but I would assume its great as well. I personally say go for the Rally but you can’t reallly go wrong here.

I’ve owned both and only own the crazy-d atm because I felt it was a much better overall yoyo. I just prefer the feel of it to the rally. The shape is more comfortable in my hand and I think it’s just as smooth and performs just as well as the rally. It looks better aesthetically to me as well.

I think there might be glow crazy-d’s coming out soon as well but that’s just a guess