Plastic Showdown

Hey guys, I’m looking for an Upgraded plastic, (maybe Delrin) and I have narrowed it down to these: YYA Crazy-D, YYF Severe, YYA The V, YYJ Inspire, and the OD Rally. Just wanted to know what one of these five throws you guys would recommend. I already have the Diffusion, in case you were going to recommend that :wink:

I don’t know if I would count the inspire, it has metal rims. I’ve heard the Crazy-D is really good.

Do you have a classic with a concave bearing and yyf pads in it? It’s good.

I love my rally, but its CRAZY loud wity anything but a stock 10-ball

Thats what I thought when I added the Inspire, but I guess it’s “close enough.” XD Have you ever played any of these yoyos?

About how fast does the Rally play?

I heard that the classic is REALLY floaty… Is that true? And no I don’t have one.

Uhhh… floaty does not have a fixed definition… but I’ve never heard it called that, and I wouldn’t even say that it’s even close to any definition I’ve heard.

Severe is the best plastic

Personally like a YYF protostar or northstar much more than a rally for whatever reason. Most of those others I haven’t played. I can do any combo I know on a protostar. can’t say the same with a rally. I’m not trying to bash any yoyo, but these are my experiences.

The Dark Magic II is pretty nice as well. It’s got metal rims.

A lot of people say that. Personally? I hate it. Compared to most delrins and some other plastics. It feels just so cheap in my hands. Mine also vibes pretty bad and came with a sub-par bearing.

Oh… well what is your definition of floaty.

Which one do you prefer? The Protostar or the Northstar?

What about the triad?

That said the Crazy D is my favorite and the only one I’ve kept. I owned a severe which felt hollow and the V gets crazy vibe due to the screw in caps whereas the D is press fit. I just sold off my inspire because it feels really heavy on the string and is a bit slower. The OD rally is an amazing plastic though. Id’ say the rally spins longer and is more stable than the crazy d but there’s nothing that makes it stand out. It’s strictly a competition oriented throw that’s nice. The Crazy D however plays more mid speed and I personally have a lot of fun with it.

protostar, but not to bash the northstar. I feel in actual performance and which one is “better”, its a tie. I like the protostar better because it plays a tad faster, but that’s really it. Many argue the northstar is better, but the only real difference is the extra weight on the northstar.

Thanks that really narrowed it down! If you had to choose between the crazy-D and the Rally (just for everyday play) which one would you choose?

I like the Triad, but I don’t like its price :frowning:

What about the counter attack?

I love my Triad, but I kind of agree with you about the price. It’s pretty steep for a hybrid, but boy does it play well.