Protostar or Rally?

Which one should I choose?

Rally plays and grinds better. Protostar is more fun in general

I would vote rally… It’s my all time favorite plastic. So much character.

I have a shaqlerstar, which is marginally heavier than the rally, and like it. However, I find the Rally to be superior. Nothing wrong with a protostar, but the Rally just does everything better. It even grinds better than a lot of metal yoyos. Of course, at the $45 price range, there are many good options.

BTW, there is a sub-forum under Reviews for specifically requesting suggestions. There have been many topics on the Rally in comparison to similar style and price yoyos and you can find a lot of info about it. Really good resource.

Interesting… ive heard a few people say it lacks character.

I vote Protostar

I found it bland-ish. I prefer the Protostar over the Northstar if that means anything.

YYF Derlin severe

Yeah me too. I don’t get it. It’s character is this incredibly classy ridiculously smooth beast.

Protostar is great. I’ve got two and they are my top plastics. If you’re looking for stability matched with a light feeling on the string, the protostar is the one for you.

I would go with Crazy D, its FAST, easier to control than rally, and more stable than Protostar.

I’d go with the rally for sure. I just picked one up of the bst and it is by far the best plastic throw out there. It plays really nice and good and the yoyo even feels like it’s sorta made of metal I stead of plastic. I love it and I have no doubt that you would too. Keep us all updated on what you choose.