Rally vs protostar vs northstar

hey guys,
ummmmm, its in the title, so yeah…
so which do you think is worth it and which one is best?

Well hello fellow Brit!

I personally think that the Rally is easily the best. It’s the same price as the North and Proto Stars, however it’s much better built, less prone to vibe, has no unscrewing or spacer issues and performs better than both the YYF models.

For me, it’s a no brainer. :slight_smile:

Rally is $10 more expensive then the Protostar and Northstar.

Yes, Rally plays the best. But to me, it lacks character. It’s not the funnest yoyo out there.

The Northstar is probably the next best, with the Protostar close behind. I’m just taking a guess here though as I haven’t tried a Northstar. However, the Northstar is really heavy at 69 grams, so that’s a big turnoff for a lot of people. If you don’t like heavy yoyos, the Northstar is definitely not for you.

As for the Protostar, I think it’s a really fun yoyo, and it’s not too far behind the Rally in terms of straight out play. It does crack easily if you overtighten so be careful with that. The Protostar has marks so you know how tight you should tighten it so overtightening shouldn’t be a problem if you follow the marks.

Personally, I vote Protostar out of the 3. But if you have another choice in that price range, there’s the Delrin Severe. Before the Rally came out, the Delrin Severe was THE plastic to beat. Every time there was a plastic recommendation, the Delrin Severe would be the most mentioned. It beats the Protostar in play, and is pretty close to the Rally. The Delrin Severe is more fun than both the Rally and the Protostar IMO though. So if you have another choice, I’d choose the Delrin Severe over the Rally, Protostar, and Northstar.

Ah my bad, I was not aware of the price difference.

I personally find the Rally very fun, but I guess each to his own. The sOMEThING Addiction is also a sensational throw, and another that I feel is better than the Protostar and Northstar. Performance similar to the Rally but plays lighter and faster.

Love the look of the old Northstars though. Those neon colours… they were beautiful.

I agree with what gambit said with spacers, they are very difficult to work with. In general play I like the rally much much more then the protostar. It just feels more solid imo.

The Rally is a high quality USA made yoyo.

The Protostar and Northstar are decent Chinese made yoyos, and both are known for cracking. The Northstar cracking issue has been fixed but the Protostar still cracks sometimes.

Oh, and the NorthStar and ProtoStar both have Spacers :-\

Do not get anything with yyf spacers unless you want to once in a while buy new spacers and also hope you don’t mess up the bearing.


Gotta say that the addiction should also be considered since that would get my vote
The magicyoyo D5/D6 are also worth consideration for their performance and price since they’re epic plastics

Of the ones listed I actually enjoy the feel of the protostar over the rally given the spacers suck it’s not that hard to work with in my experience.

Also thought the severe was very meh but also in that price range is the shutter and czm8 which deserve a shoutout if you’re ok with aluminum.

If you do end up getting a YYF with spacers, there is ways to “fix” them. Sanding them down helps.

Unless you manage to get the spacers messsed up by trying to remove them so you can sand them in the first place. I’m waiting for a new set. For the yoyo i had just received. Hopefully sanding down will help. Even so, when the first thing you have to do when buying something new is fix it, there’s an issue.

Of those listed I’d pick the rally every time. I love mine to death, it is incredibly smooth and I find it fun, unlike most people apparently.

That being said mine gave me a scar the other day…

I’m really really lucky I wasn’t throwing a prestige…

I prefer the protostar, I stuck in a good kk bearing and only dealt with the spacers once. not a biggie. I prefer the delrin severe all the way over all the above tho.

The protostar is a five year old yoyo, but they do play nicely, and the speacers are annoying.