What's the best plastic yoyo that's not one of the 5 main brands?



C3 alpha crash? I think I remember someone saying its as good as some YYR


I know the experienced throwers aren’t much of a fan of yomega and all but I love the ooch yo… You’ll have to do a little maintenance first hough… You’ll want to replace the rubber pads with silicone and throw in a konkave. Afterwards it’s a $20 beast that plays twice it’s price, maybe more. It’s really stable, just as stable as the dm2, maybe more. But, if you go too fast it will tilt and turn a little bit butifyou go at a comfortable pace it’s really stable. And it has some pretty long spin times while doing combos. It’s just really fun to play with. I may actually prefer it over my protostar and dm2…


Get a 3YO3 Accent or Volume


Diffusion, Alpha Crash, Crazy-D, The V, PSG, Asteroid, Delta.


Better than a alpha crash?


I like the Alpha Crash a lot, but seriously a delrin Volume blows all the plastics I’ve tried out of the water.


Nah no derlin just plastic…


Delrin is plastic…


I recently bought a Magicyoyo D5 which is hands down the best plastic I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. It handles grinds well and was pretty smooth and solid feeling. Plus it’s glow in the dark :smiley:




Don’t lol me derlin is a thermoplastic and a polyoxymethylene u know what I meant

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The 3yo3 volume. Was soo good but then I traded for money so I could get a rally.




Is this a joke?

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Unless he got one of the decent ones… Like I said though the ones I know of are the Alpha Crash, Asteroid, Rally, and yeti when it comes out.


I’ve heard good things about the diffusions that aren’t vibey. The alpha crash was decent.

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Who cares if it’s one of the main brands. Get the Yeti dude, the thing is amazing.


I thought CLYW was one of the main brands? I would definitely suggest the Yeti though.


Yes, they are. Spencer is saying that it doesn’t matter if they are a main brand. Could you elaborate on why you would recommend it? How does it play? I haven’t played one, so I’m looking for more details about it.

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Think chief. In cool black plastic.