duncan echo, yyj therory,yyf severe or duncan metropolis

which of these yoyos good for the price and the performance.

Ok, so the severe is in my opinion one of the best plastics ever made, but has a really tight bearing seat. I have heard awesome things about the theory, good things about the echo, and meh things about the metropolis. The severe is the only one I can truly comment on. It is fast, stable, floaty, and light.

They are all pretty good yoyos, but it mostly depends on what your preferences are. If you don’t know, then pick up a few used throws off the bst for cheap and figure out what you like.

The Metropolis sometimes has a sharp bearing seat, so it cuts strings. And the Delrin Severe has a tight bearing seat. The Duncan Echo is nice. I haven’t used the Yoyojam Theory yet, but it looks like a great yoyo, but you won’t be able to do inner ring thumb grinds with it. So I would pick the Echo or Theory.

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Theory; the severe pulses(wobbley vibe) and the theory is dead smooth and unresponsive. I own both the severe 2012 and the theory. But the severe does play faster but has some nasty vibe. Theory is my pick. It has a ridge that you can try thumb grinds on.

can you fix the vibe or tune the severe to play smooth?

I spent a week tring to fix the vibe, but no luck, it does play great you just have to ignore the vibe. Worst vibe I have ever had on a yoyo. But if you play through it is a floaty good throw, the theory is a heavy fun great throw

maybe you just got a defective throw. also which color you bought?

black, I remember in january/late december nothing but complaints about vibe and wobble.  The theory is pretty smooth and if it isn’t yoyojam will probably replace it for you.

Threads about problems:

if i can tune a yyj pinncle  I am sure I could tune a yyf severe

The Severe. The Delrin is smoooth. Grinds better than the Echo, and is a couple bucks cheaper. Plays really good. Mine has no vibe. kinda feels light and heavy at the same time. It really impresses me.