Which plays better for the price? Delrin SEVERE vs. ALPHA CRASH

I’ve been thinking :o.

The ALPHA CRASH by c3yoyodesign


The SEVERE by YoYoFactory

I want these, but which should I get? Pros, cons, anything that would help me make my decision.

I have a Severe that should be here before christmas.
Regarding what plays better for its price im pretty sure its the Alpha Crash, being under half the price of the Severe.
Though what plays better regardless of price, however… I’ll guess the Severe have an advantage here.

i’d buy both.

Alpha Crash hands down.

Depends on how much you have to spend, which shape you prefer, and while they are both plastic, I think only one of the two is Delrin. mgiroux77 does not buy YoyoFactory throws generally, but he played one of these recently, and he loved it. He has high standards, so if he loves it, it’s a great one. I knew I’d like it, so I doubled up. It plays great. If you can spend on it, definitely get yourself one…or two:

I will be getting my Alpha Crash in the mail probably Saturday but I allready own the Severe.

The Severe is very nice, extreamly smooth and much better for grinding than Tyler’s other signatures. Spin time is good and stability is great for a plastic yoyo.

Hands down the best delrin yoyo I have ever played for sure. I can give my account on the Alpha Crash once I get it Saturday.

second this
but i should have mine today

I personally do not like my plastic Severe. I can’t manage to get it to bind consistently/well, it constantly feels like its slipping out of my hands, weighted really weird… almost like there is very little rim weight. I picked up my Protostar for the first time since I got the Severe, and I would rather spend my money on a ProtoStar/NorthStar any day. Much better yoyos.
The Severe will get traded, ProtoStar will stay until it breaks and then ill buy another one, lol

Okay, Alpha Crash for sure

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Mikers, I had the same problemhwoThe pads are the red competition pads, designed to break in fast then wear out. Get a set of ir pads to fix the response

Sorry that first sentence was meant to say that I had the same problem with the response pass, which are the red competition pads.

This is exactly how I feel about my Severe

Okay, so my pros/cons

Alpha Crash
Pros:Strong spin time, very smooth, plays similar to a slightly more solid berserker, only plastic. versitile, fast, and GREAT horizontals
Cons:Visually, its unappealing to me. the shape i LOVE the profile? not so much. but aesthetics aint everything. and it can be unstable for certain tricks, it has some kick back, not alot, but more so than the severe

Pros: Fast, plays SUPER nice for 5A for sure, and 1A is also very beastly. This thing is deadsmooth, and plays really good. Super Horizontals, super goodlooks.
Cons:Depending on your pad/bearing setup this throw can feel super cheap. and thats irritating,
i threw in some kpads, and a flat, and i find it binds better, and honestly feels like a fullmetal on the string.

Well I have had some time to compare my severe and alpha crash so here it is.

The spin times on both are about the same, not amazingly good but not horrible either.

Severe is much much smoother than my alpha crash, definitl the smoothest delrin or plastic I have ever played. The Alpha’s vibe is like a regular plastic vibe, you know its there but whatever.

Horizontal wise I say alpha is a bit better.

Severe kills it on grinds where the alpha is ok.

I like the look of the severe better than the cheap look of the alpha crash but looks aren’t everything.

Money wise, since the topic is witch plays better for the price, I would say get an Alpha crash or two and spend a bit less than the severe. I like the severe but I don’t know how high I set my expectations on these yoyos so I would have to go with the alpha crash.

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Great reply slade. Love your YouTube too man. Great vids up there