The C3 Alpha Crash; by some dude who can't sleep for some reason.


Ok, so this is my second review, so I would really love constructive criticism if you have any. If you want to compliment me, that is cool too ;)! I will be comparing this yoyo to a lot of plastics from a lot of brands, so I apologize if you need clarification, which i will gladly give.
Please note: I am a pretty obsessive yoyoer, and i carry one everywhere. I do not throw everywhere, but i am known at my school to be “awesome at yo-yos” by a few kids, and have heard “HOLY -CENSORED- IT’S YOYOJOE (what i call myself when i do perform, i did not know about all the other yoyojoes) DO TRICKS FOR US PLEEEAAASE!” on the street a few times as well. because of this, i do not carry my expensive metals around with me, and i am always looking for a nice plastic to add to my collection. NOW ACTUALLY START READING BECAUSE I WILL REVIEW THE YOYO STARTING NOW!
Basic intro:
The Alpha Crash is essentially the first molded plastic by c3 yo-yos, a company that many of us know and love. It is the same shape as their very awesome (so i have heard, at least) berserker, giving us a taste of the berserker, without dropping $180. After a week through the spin cycle (see what i did there? Yeah, not a good pun, but whatever :slight_smile: ) will c3’s offering to the budget conscious player stand up to the others in the category? Let’s see!

Specs (FROM YYE):
C3YoYoDesign Alpha Crash Stats:
Diameter: 56.50 mm / 2.22 inches
Width: 43.20 mm / 1.70 inches
Weight: 68.5 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CBC “Slim Pad” Size 19mm OD
Made in: Hong Kong

I have about average size hands for a guy, so i think it is alright if i relay my experience with the comfort factor of this yoyo. It fits into the hand very well for the most part. It is full size at 56.5 millimeters. The rims kind of cut into the palm and thumb pad (the thing beneath the thumb joint that connects the thumb to the rest of the hand), which takes some getting used to, but has not given me any painful experiences in my roughly week and a half or so of throwing it heavily. The shape is essentially a slightly flowing v, with a little bit of flattened rim. This is a tried and tested shape (berserker fans?), no complaints about it from me aside from the above thing about the rims, which one can get used to. The weight is a nice, solid 68.5 grams. No complaints here either! Overall, this yoyo looks well designed and feels solid in the hand. I get the impression that it will do a bit of horizontal well.

The bearing is a standard, clean, c size eight ball. Absolutely no complaints. nothing special, but it is just fine. The beauty of the c size bearing is that you can swap it out for your favorite third party bearing in most cases. i personally like the standard bearing, but that is just me. The response is probably the best part of the guts. It is standard CBC pads, but the guys at c3 did something great (sacrificed a hedgehog?) here, because the response is very snappy without being grippy. I mean, CBC pads are always good, but this is really good, especially for a cheap plastic.

Okay no, seriously: this is a very good plastic. It is not dead smooth, but I was surprised that on the string, it did not have a bad vibe at all. Similar to say a protostar, but a lot quieter. On the string, it feels like an fhz in many ways. Fast and solid, But the solid is turned up a bit. The spin is a little shorter than i would like, but it is a plastic, and spins long enough for most tricks and even longer combos. Also, it regens well, so you can keep it spinning a lot longer if you are good at regens. Stability is good. Not like, say, a northstar, but better than a PSG or Whip (not picking on them, i just had to give an example sorry Adegle and YYF). I am AWFUL at horizontals, yet i can skin the gerbil on a horizontal throw easily on this thing. grinds are not very good, but it is a molded plastic that is not celcon, so what can you do? The catch zone is very open, so you will have no trouble hopping, whipping, and going for those difficult to land mounts. the yoyo is very robust. it got bashed into my kitchen floor a couple of times with no ill effects.
UPDATE: I tried it with a center trac bearing and the sleep time issue has been mitigated. This is good, because the other bearing died. It might have been my fault, but I don’t know.
This thing is a BEAST. At the price, I do not see why you would not get one if you could and like the specs. Whether you are walking the stage at worlds 2013, or you just need to land that darn trick, or you want to perfect your bind return, this yoyo will deliver. I would not say that it is a yoyo that everyone should own, but it is definitely one worth checking out, and a must have for plastic enthusiasts like me!
If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or festive hats that you would like to give me and/ or tell me about, please leave a comment… and a picture if it is in fact a festive hat.
Written by YOYOJOE (aka Phil the lizard)… no not the store… no not Joseph Harris… Ah whatever, just call me phil then!


That was great. Now I want one.


I wanted one before I read this. :wink:


Bump I Would love some feedback. Sorry if this is annoying (I realize that they are out of stock here).


:tada::tada::tada:. Nuff said.


great review! next time i recommend linking/ pictures of the yoyo being reviewed.


Great review. Answered pretty much all the things I needed and wanted to know. The thing that I notice most reviewers don’t do is mention the color ways. That is the only thing I’m curious about and like stated above, a few pics would answer that. Regardless this is an awesome review! Thumbs up!


I am not so qualified to answer the color thing, because I am red/green colorblind. It comes in a sort of muted gray and a red that (as previously stated) i cannot comment so well on. It seems to stand out a little better.
Thanks for the feedback everyone!


So you mean that if you got a red yoyo that had green splash it would just look like one color?


it is really hard to explain, it is not like that though. It is kinda like this; I can tell the difference between the two colors if they are together, but i (depending on the shade of green or red) might not be able to tell you which was which. also, when i got my alpha crash (the one i reviewed) one of the first things i said was, “woah woah woah wait… is that green? AAAAWWW SERIOUSLY? AGAIN WITH THE COLORBLIND?” so it is also like mistaking certain red and green shades (including like pink) for like gray, brown, and things like that. It is hard to explain. totally irrelevant, does anyone know about this new looper by adegle, the macaron? i want to start 2a (i’ve become somewhat ok at all styles except for 2a, and I haven’t tried 2a yet).


buy one. It will only set you back ten bucks, and it’s by Adegle.


You can’t really go wrong with adegle. Quality for those prices can’t be beat!


Thanks for the info guys!


Good review


Hi guys! Sorry to bump up such an old post but i am doing it because the ALPHA CRASH is finally back in stock here! now that this review is relevant to this site… yeah… read it!


Is it really 68 grams that’s heavy for a plastic and want to know if they needed up on the specs


Messed up sorry


It is 68 grams but it does not feel that heavy. It is pretty solid but plays plenty fast.


S-S-S-SUPAH NECRO :smiley:

Nice review though, I really love the Alpha Crash!


I have seen worse necros. But thanks! I love it too. Just to be clear though, don’t necro my stuff, just pm me!