Is it really THAT good?


Lookin into the alpha crash and it sounds to be one of the best plastics out there
Refer to the thread below. Whats your opinion on it?,61852.0.html

Also if someone can make a comparison between the alpha crash and the SOMETHING V It would be great,y appreciated.


Alpha crash plays like metal. Very solid and smooth.

My favorite plastic i would keep it if i didnt need a 3a pair.


Ya the classics are perfect for starting 3a. I was hoping u wouldn’t see this and wanna keep it! Lol. What plastics have u compared it with that it’s ur favorite?


It’s pretty good.


More solid than a f(x). Worse grinding. Heavier.

Smoother than a classic and more solid.

And more ill say later


This is my favorite plastic. I want to like others better because they look cooler or cost more (to justify something that I payed 25 dollars more for), but I just can’t.


The V has more vibe but feels faster

(M.DeV1) #8

The V plays dead smooth until you unscrew it too many times or mess with the caps. Then it gets a horrid vibe.


Like the YYRs. Somebody told me the solution to it, and it was just to tune it via axle.
But lol, I wouldn’t know honestly how, even thigh I know there’s a thread on it :stuck_out_tongue:


I play the Alpha Crash all of the time. Mine sucks right now though because it has a (nearly) dead Center Trac in it… Luckily I found one of my gold bearings and it’s doing great.


The alpha crash is great for it’s price and i regret selling mine. It was a really fun throw that was capable of a lot of things. I was able to finger grind with it, but it doesn’t last long. I was also able to fingerspin with it, though it took a ridiculous amount of time to finally land it.


I got one. But I decided to just wait for the yeti. Wanna buy it?