Alpha Crash or OneStar?


It’ll be my first time trying 3A but I will estimate my skill level with 1A as “Qualifier” in a competition. Which means I at least know the basics and have at least enough tricks learned to do a 1 minute performance.

What do you think suits me better?


Alpha Crash, by far. It’s one amazing plastic, and plays fantastically. Mine had extremely slight vibe, but I am told that this is very uncommon. This vibe did not hinder play. The OneStar is far to light to do long combos on, and is quite unstable, especially at high speeds. It just can’t go fast without tilting/dying out. The Alpha Crash is one of my favorite plastics. That may change when I receive my Yeti, and maybe pick up a Rally, but for now, I’d get the Alpha Crash without hesitation.


Alpha Crash.

Someone else asked this same stuff 3 days ago.

I personally think that PSG Gem Series would be an even better choice, and cheaper.


I REALLY wanna try an alpha crash. I hear is one of the best plastics you can get. I have a onestar and like it a lot, but it’s a little light, and can’t handle high speeds at all.


My onestar handles speed fine but I’ll agree that the alpha crash is better


Really? Mune can’t handle speed at all…


paul han is pretty awesome with a one star



I have both, but because of the extra weight and stability, the alpha crash sounds like a better choice to me.