Alpha Crash

Just how good is it compared to other yoyos? Is it up there with the trigger and protostar? Let me know thx!

Yes, the alpha crash is IMO better than the protostar but that’s just my opinion. This yoyo plays amazing for $20 and is awesome. I recommend it

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It takes a better beating than the trigger/ protostar. It is also just as good if not better.

Plays more like a Northstar than a Protostar, but yes, every bit as good. The binds can get a bit slippy if you decide to pop in one of those shaped bearings though.


Its smoother, but less stable. I prefer the protostar. The trigger seems so easily breakable.

The Trigger? Breakable? We must be looking at different Triggers-- the plastic is likely to flex slightly with impact (potentially popping out a ring, but that’s easily fixed) rather than shatter. That’s a trait of durability!

I love the Trigger, but some people using it for 5A have had some incidences where the yoyo got away and hit the ground at an angle hitting the edge and causing it to shatter. I have two Triggers.

Back on topic: I really like the Alpha Crash. Impulse purchase. I wasn’t sure C3 could pull off doing a decent plastic. I was pleasantly surprised and so glad to be wrong. I have other C3’s and like the brand. This plays real nice for me.