Alpha Crash vs Trigger vs Surge


Which one? Also, which one is the quietest and smoothest?


I’ve really enjoyed my Surge. I haven’t tried the others but I’ve been planning on getting the Alpha Crash.


The Alpha Crash definitely is smoother and quieter than the Trigger. I find however that I get more spin time on the trigger, and neither of these yoyo’s survace is meant for grinding. I’d say it is up to you, but I would recommend the Trigger over the Alpha Crash, only because I love the shape more. It is up to you :slight_smile:


I have only tried the trigger and its way better than I thought, it also has really strong spins


The trigger is the best all around yoyo of the three, but also the loudest. The surge is great for the price, but the smaller gap is bothersome at times. The alpha crash is nice as well buy does not grind as well as the trigger.


How loud is the trigger? It is like protostar loud?


I tried it a long time ago, but I dont think I remember it being that loud.


It is REALLY Loud, I haven’t tried the Protostar but it is REALLY loud


I hate loud yoyos…I really want a trigger but I don’t know if I want another really loud throw.

Can anyone recommend a cheap plastic that is on the quiet side?


You could put a 10 ball in it :stuck_out_tongue:
I dont know any quiet ones, the onestar isn’t too quiet, I’d want to know if the alpha crash is quiet, I hear thats a beast…


The Trigger is VERY loud, no matter what bearing you put in there and how you lube it.

That leaves it down to the Alpha Crash and Surge.

The Alpha Crash is smooth finished. The Surge has a more grind-friendly surface. The Alpha Crash is better for those gyro grinds and horizontal. The Surge is designed to be able to handle horizontal play.

Both the Alpha Crash and Surge shouldn’t crack and come apart if it takes a bad hit on the rim edge.


How about the YYJ Classic? What does it play like compared to these others?


Oh and I’m just wondering, but what makes the trigger so loud? It doesn’t have spacers, and it’s made out of machined plastic. So why is it loud?


With the recommended upgrades(flowable or silicone response pads and a full width C bering), it’s on par with both of them. However, the Surge and Alpha Crash have a few more features that give it a bit of an edge. If you’re not into certain elements of play(mostly those gyro grinds), then there’s no real advantage.

I find these yoyos are all good for 1A, 3A and 5A.

Resonance. The machined celcon really amplifies the spinning from the bearing very effectively, which is focused to the weight ring an then further radiates to the end of those thin rims. It’s a very good speaker design for low/mid noises.