Surge, classic, or alpha crash

I’m looking into some cheap yoyos for beaters and I’ve come down to these 3. I’ve been really wanting to try a classic. I’ve heard some say it plays as well as a protostar. Is this true? Also, which of these is the smoothest, has best pure performance, and which is most fun.

I’ve heard alpha crash’s are hit or miss on smoothness. Mine is amazingly close to dead smooth and far better than my classic in terms of play. I haven’t thrown a surge though so can’t give an opinion on that. I do however think the classic will take a beating better than the alpha crash

I’m wondering the same thing! I hope some more replies come in.

Just from research… the Surge is the heaviest of the three at 70.85 grams, and the opinions I’ve heard come down on whether they like a heavy throw or not. Judging from the “V” shape, I’m guessing that the Crash is better for horizontal play. The Surge and Alpha Crash are supposed to be stable, and they get a lot of love. I’d really like to hear from someone that’s played both.

My trepidation on the Classic is that after buying a new bearing, and changing out the response, you’re out more than just buying a Surge, and close to a Crash. I’d be tempted to try one for responsive play, though.

I have thrown a classic and a surge, and I am all in on the surge. The classic is great for counter weight and okay for 1A, but the surge is really made for 1A. Its an all around great throw that I can land long combos on just as easily as a 40-60 dollar yoyo. I throw all metals at this point, but im actually going to get a surge for walking around with so i dont have to worry about any dings in 100$ yos lol. Anyway, hope this helps :smiley:

I have thrown the Surge and the Alpha Crash, and I would cast my vote for the Surge because of course it is more stable which I like, and I feel it can take more of a beating than the Alpha Crash. The Surge just feels more satisfying when I’m throwing it. :slight_smile:

Idk why everyone likes the surge though I’ve not even try it. But my vote goes to the alpha crash due to v shape, beast at both 1a and 5a and okay at grinds.