Surge or Classic?


I’m looking for a cheap 1A and 5A throw. I don’t mind paying for upgrades so that isn’t a factor. Please explain the advantages and disadvantages of both and tell which yoyo you think is superior in play.


I enjoyed both, but the extra weight of the Surge and the size makes it a spin monster. It’s pretty good for 5A, but won’t recommend it for responsive play. It hurts when it comes back in the face. Plus there are tons of colors.


So does any other yoyo lol Anyway, I would also recommend the Surge. I’ve played and have had both throws, and I found the Surge to be better performing. Both are throws that can take whatever you throw at them, but I have found the Surge to be able to last longer in combos and over all plays better.


Depends. :smiley:

(Erik Kerber ) #5

Surge is better it snags a little bit on binds but its not to bad.


I’ve never tried a surge but a Classic is amazing so if the surge is better, it’s better than amazing.