YYJ Surge, or Legacy?


I have a Velocity that when completely unresponsive, I can bind no prob. I have an Ann Connoly Whip, but the center track bearing is giving me lots of trouble. I like the Velocity when it’s responsive, but it’s got a lot of vibe and noise. I like the feel of the Whip, and it would probably be fine with a standard bearing, but why buy a bearing when you can buy a new throw and swap them around?

I’m thinking of buying either a Legacy II or a Surge, or maybe a Surge and a Classic. The dimensions of the Legacy are appealing, but at this point I’m just as interested in trying everything for variety. I might eventually buy all three, but for now let’s look at a budget of $24.

Since the Surge and Classic are newer, and I’ve read tons of praise… are they better than the Legacy? In terms of stability and spin time? I know the Surge is on the heavy side, but does it spin longer and slower because of it?

Thanks in advance!


I really like the Surge but ( sadly ) I haven’t tried any of the others.

(kclejeune) #3

Get a surge. OR wait for a rally tonight.



I really think the legacy is an overall terrible yoyo in my opinion


The rally sounds great, but alas, I’ll wait until it is in the budget-- and, more importantly, that I am good enough to warrant it.

That’s three for the Surge and one negative against the Legacy. I thought the Legacy was at least pretty decent. Thanks for the quick replies.


U have given opinions on 17 yoyos the past 3 days with that whopping trade count how many yoyos do u have? Pushin a 100 yet?


u counted? Wow…
So if I haven’t traded any yoyos, that means I have tried no yoyos? If you dont like my opinions, then dont read them. Go do something useful and stop calling me stupid.

Do I have to reply with this ^ in every thread I post in now?


Don’t yell at him. It is a fishy situation. The fact that you own 3 yoyos, 1 high end, and you apparently have evaluated many, many more. You also said the Summit is heavy and slow in another thread, and said a General Yo in another thread was a 6/10 “ehhh”. So don’t blame us if we ask you about it, it is a reasonable question. And not everyone looks at every thread. So yeah, you will have to reply to it in every thread, and every time, less people believe you.

(Owen) #10

Get dat Surge. The LegacyII is good, but I like the Surge better cause its more of a player. If you dont like heavy throws then I advise you get the Legacy instead doe.