Did you guys like the surge ir classic better?


Hey, which one is better to you? I don’t know anything about the surge… Can you upgrade it like the classic? When you guys buy a classic/surge, so you just upgrade it right away? I dont think ill actually be buying one, I might because there cheap, but I still wanna know :slight_smile:


The Classic is much lighter and faster. The surge is much more solid and heavier. That being said, I think the classic is the superior yoyo, but they’re both excellent plastics.


The Surge is already upgraded to play unresponsive out of the box


I haven’t played the surge but I absolutely love the classic.


So, can I replace the bearing with whatever unresponsive bearing? Like if I like Buddha ripple bearings, can I pop one of those in and its good as new?


The surge comes upgraded the classic doesn’t. To upgrade the classic you just have to replace the bearing and response.


yes you could do this, but it comes stock with a yyj speed bearing. only down side of the surge is the gap width being smaller, but unless you do a ton of string wraps you’ll be just fine for such a power house. and the playstyles of the two were mentioned above. I own both and they are both great and would recommend buying both at the same time with the pads and bearing with the classic, and enjoy two killer throws.