Surge vs firestorm vs classic upgraded

Like it says i was wondering which one is the best. And I know people are going to say it depends on you. I like all and was wondering what your favorite is.

I like the Classic the best. The fingerspins are pretty cool if modded or plain stock (There is a way to do it stock for almost 20 seconds)

Classic, although i have a feeling the firestorm would have been good if it were low wall.
As for the surge lol, you d be probably better off getting a model from the classical period like lyn or spm.

I can not speak for the firestorm, but I own a surge and 3 classics. Both are fun in their own way. If you like a heavier weight, the surge is the one you want. The classic has a much lighter feel and I think it is much more nimble. The smaller gap of the surge makes it great for 5a or learning new binds with 1a. The surge is a rounded or organic shape, the classic is more of an ‘h’ or some would say inverse round shape.

The upgraded classic is my favorite of the two.

The good news is that you can get both without breaking the bank. If you dislike one of them, pass it to a friend and be a hero. :wink: The more who get into the hobby the better. I bought a bunch of the dollar tree metals to pass out whenever someone shows interest watching me play around.