should i get a surge or classic?


Hey guys! I was gonna do that thing where I paste those questions in here,bit I think I dont need that anymore…

I’ve been playing my plastic (onestar) a LOT more lately. I dont know why but im starting to like the feel of it. i want another plastic and im thinking about classic or surge. which should I get? I want strong spins (I can probably expect the same spin time,player not throw), I will not do any grinds at all with this. The classic has caps,right? If it does, can you post (or pm me) a pic of it with the caps out? Thanks guys!


It depends. If you want to spend the money to upgrade the Classic to make it unresponsive, or just buy a stock unresponsive throw. Also, the shapes are quite different. Do you want V/H shape, or organic?

(UmeNagisa) #3

The caps on both yoyos shouldn’t be taken out.
The Edges are sharp and angular.
And most of the yoyos weight is in the cap.
And I’d say go classic, if you like the Onestar.
The feel of the classic is like. The Onestar on Some powerful as heck steroids
But you do need the upgrade.
Any bearing, and some pads. I’d say get YYF natural pads. They last the longest for me.

As for the surge, if you want to try something out of your comfort zone, then get this. Large diameter, organic shape, nice heavy weight.
Very different from most yoyos nowadays. But very good. I think the surge out spins the classic, due to extra weight.


Im leaning towards the classic. I usually change the pads to yyf natural pads, but usually I di that when I need to, I guess I can do that right away. And I can change the bearing. What bearing do you guys recommend?I like string centering bearings. I haven’t tried too many,but I like Buddha ripple bearings.


I personally found that the Surge performed a bit better than the Classic. But if you don’t like heavy throws, the classic is the way to go.