Yyj surge vs myy n12 sharks honor

So, I’ve been rocking the yyj classic for a few weeks and am close to finishing the intermediate section of the trick videos. Now that I’m heading into the unresponsive tricks I was wanting some advise on a new throw. I was either going to get the yyj surge or the magic yoyo n12. Or maybe another classic with the upgrade kit. The classic is the only throw I’ve had in years so help would be much appreciated. I’m on a pretty tight budget so the $30 range is about all I can mange.

Personally would go for the N12

It’s an excellent yoyo although you may need to replace the response with some different pads or silicone. Metal throws are pretty fun and unique and I think you’ll enjoy it. The surge is also a very nice yoyo although I find it a little heavy. My personal preference would be the C3 speedaholic instead which is a better shape in my opinion and cheaper.

I second the N12 shark. It just really good for the price but mostly likely you would have to change the responses since the response that comes with it isn’t that great. Since you have a classic it might be better to try a new throw. If you want your classic run better all you need is flowable silicone and a c bearing for intermediate and beyond. If all that is too much a hassle the Speedaholic comes unresponsive for almost the same price as a classic with upgrade kit. Can’t say anything about the Surge haven’t tried it. Another option might be to go on BST and look for protostar since they usually go for 20.

Yeah, I love the classic it’s been great, but I’m def ready for something new. I’ve haven’t really looked to much into the protostar or the speedaholic so I’ll have to check those out too. Thanks guys, big help

If you’re buying from the BST you can get a great deal

I’m looking at a dark sprite, light up zero and speedaholic for $30 right now

I’d pass on the protostar for now. I like he classic better than the protostar.

I’d say n12 shark. Go metal!

At $13.50 I would go with the Speedaholic. If you are just starting to learn unresponsive play the plastic will take more punishment that a metal yoyo and it will not break the bank.

Indeed, a fine point sir. I will admit I am still pretty rough with my classic.

N12 I have it it is amazing durable good for grinds and the response pads aren’t that bad

Just as a quick update, I bought the speedaholic and it’s amazing. I tried picking up my classic after a few days and it just felt off compared to the C3. It took me a day or 2 to get comfortable binding. But all seems right in the world lol.


Happy to hear you’re happy with it. The speedaholic is an absolute blast of the yoyo and you’re probly noticing the weight difference between it and the classic. Next step would be one of the $30-$50 metal throws when you feel like something new otherwise the speedaholic should be able to do everything you need.